Pranutan Behl: Exclusive: Helmet Actress Pranutan Behl says if a girl buys a condom, what is wrong with it?

Pranutan Behl: Exclusive: Helmet Actress Pranutan Behl says if a girl buys a condom, what is wrong with it?
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Pranutan Behl: Exclusive: Helmet Actress Pranutan Behl says if a girl buys a condom, what is wrong with it?

Pranutan Behl: Exclusive: Helmet Actress Pranutan Behl says if a girl buys a condom, what is wrong with it?

Actress Pranutan Behl made her Bollywood debut in 2019 with the film ‘Notebook’. Nowadays, he is in the news for his film ‘Helmet’. The film breaks down the social norms associated with condoms. The trailer for the movie has arrived and is in the headlines. In this context, Pranutan had a special interview with Navbharat Times. Pranutan’s first film ‘Notebook’ failed. But their enthusiasm is high. She is excited to carry forward the cinematic legacy of Aji Nutan and father Mohnish Behl. But is this also a pressure? Pranutan has spoken openly on all issues. Especially related to the theme of his new film. Even today, if a girl goes to a medical store and buys a condom, her ears and eyes are all around her. Says Pranutan, ‘If a girl buys a condom, what’s wrong with it. This is not a crime. ‘

Your film ‘Helmet’ shows hesitation related to condoms. Sex has always been a taboo subject in our society. What is your personal experience about this?
It is absolutely true that sex is considered taboo in our society and that is why people are hesitant to talk about condoms. We are saying in the film that there is nothing wrong with buying a condom. By doing this you are taking care of many things from population, disease, unwanted pregnancy, so the shame and guilt that society gives you is very wrong, because it is not a crime. I have never personally bought a condom, but I hope that the ‘helmet’ breaks down the notion that if only boys, girls are also buying condoms, there is nothing wrong with that. This is shown in the film by my character Rupali, who thinks very cool and sells condoms.

The film seems to be the story of three friends. How important is your character? And how much preparation did Pranutan, who came from Mumbai, have to do to become the silver of Benares?
My character is very important. It’s not shown in the trailer, but when you watch the movie you will understand why all this is happening? The main reason for this is the love story of Rupali and Lucky. As far as preparation is concerned, I was selected for this role seven days ago, so I didn’t have much time to prepare, so it was going to be a little difficult at first. Capturing the character and his voice, because he’s too big. Then I had to match up with actors like Aparshakti, Abhishek Banerjee, Ashish Verma, who have excellent comic timing, at first it was a little challenging, but gradually it all got caught.

You guys shot this movie during Kovid. There was also a photo of you shooting with a shield. How challenging was that?
It was also very challenging and we were all very disappointed. We didn’t want to shoot like that. Then we had a song balance, which we wanted to shoot in the middle of the Corona epidemic, so it would have been very difficult. Wearing masks, shields, sanitizing, makeup, costumes, all of these things used to be a lot of trouble, but our team is very good, so everything went well. I used to be very careful at home. Like, I’m still promoting, so I live in a separate room. Doesn’t share a room with sister. I also keep a distance with my parents, so we take care of all this.

Salman Khan’s banner film ‘Notebook’ was a dream come true for you. So how did you handle the disappointment when you didn’t do well at the box office?
It was very frustrating for me that the ‘notebook’ was not working, because unfortunately unless your film is a hit, you don’t get the job that was a hit. If the film does not do well at the box office, then it becomes more difficult to get a job. Still, I’m fine, because when you’re from a movie family, you know there are ups and downs. You can’t be impressed by the success or failure of every film, because it’s not in your hands. We have our work in hand and people loved my work, so I was and am happy with it. The reviews were great, everyone appreciated my acting and that’s all in my hands. The rest is not in your hands, so how frustrating you can be about it.

Do you consult Papa Mohnish Behl for your project? What was his opinion about the ‘helmet’?
Yes, yes, I talk to them completely, take suggestions. He also found the concept of a helmet very unique. He was so happy that I was filming a completely different genre from notebooks.

You are the granddaughter of a veteran like Nutan and the daughter of a veteran actor like Mohnish Behl. How much pressure is there on this legacy? Do you think it is beneficial or harmful? Because it also leads to allegations of nepotism!
It will always be a matter of pride for me to come from a family that has such amazing artists and people. This is not pressure, but responsibility. I always want to keep them happy. Speaking of nepotism, I never used my family name for work. Neither my father nor anyone else ever called for me. I stood in the audition line for three years before I got my first film, so I don’t know how to take advantage of the family. I’ve never done that, but the one who wants to do it has a choice and I believe in living and letting live.

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