Proud to say we are Independent pens Journalist Nishikant Thakur

Proud to say we are Independent pens Journalist Nishikant Thakur
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Proud to say we are Independent pens Journalist Nishikant Thakur

Proud to say we are Independent pens Journalist Nishikant Thakur

There is an unprecedented pleasant feeling that our country is going to be 75 years of independence. How many people were martyred for freeing the land of slave India for thousands of years, how many women were ruined, how many youths laughed and laughed on the gallows… All this is now history, legend, but the truth is that today we are those martyrs. So far, we are enjoying the sacrifices of There is no doubt that only a few people who saw the era of freedom movement are alive now. The ruling class which is thriving in the country today, hardly anyone has seen that dark gloomy day of slavery, so for them the word ‘freedom’ is nothing more than a ‘joke’. That is why they make fun of, humiliate the sacrifices and sacrifices of those heroes-Mahatmas, whose unwavering loyalty, love and respect for the country, we are able to breathe freely in the open air of freedom today. What would be more unfortunate than this that even Mahatma Gandhi, the first personality of the first line of those who gave freedom to the country, could breathe only eight months in independent India. In fact, some people of the society could not digest their anger in frustration and publicly shot and killed them. Subhash Chandra Bose, who had given the slogan as the leader of the Garam Dal ‘You give me blood, I will give you freedom’, he could not even see the independence of the country. Those martyrs, who sacrificed for the freedom of their country – they had no personal interest towards the freedom of the country, but they also did not want the slavery which became their destiny, the same next generation should also suffer. He wanted to see the future generation being born in independent India. History tells that in the year 1947, our country was divided into two pieces and became independent. At that time, the population here was 38 crores, but there was no industry of needle manufacturing here for earning a living. That is, we had been freed from the slavery of the British, but the fetters of poverty were still holding us. We were not able to be financially free. For this, the so-called prophet of that time had predicted that the Indians would be automatically destroyed after some time by fighting among themselves and dividing them into fragments.

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India was once the owner of immense wealth. More than one eminent scholar was here. There was a unique atmosphere of mutual harmony. If not, then just the skill to fight with foreign invaders. Actually, we are people of simple religious nature who believe in God and have faith in him. Since we were ignorant of the external ostentation, there was no special person to guide us. That is why the vast treasury of our country was looted many times by the invaders, sometimes by the Mughals and sometimes by the British. India still has a huge population of poor people. According to government figures, the population of people living below the poverty line in the country is about 23 crore, some part of which lives in cities. Outside the eye-catching shopping malls and massive multi-storey buildings, there are many slums and most of the poor settlements that house a large population of the city. Such people are those who work in the middle class, but still they are not part of them. He sells newspapers, but can never read them. He sews clothes, but can never wear them himself. Clean cars, but never fulfill the dream of sitting in it. They build big skyscrapers, but they are not able to muster the courage to spend even a night in them. Such people work for hours for the bread of June 2. Do the risky job of cutting metals and separating chemicals. These are unorganized workers, who are fired at any time without any notice or notice. Such people are also deprived of the facility of insurance and pension. Is this the development of our country?

India was not poor, that’s why it was called gold bird. But, India was not united. We were divided into segments; For this reason, foreign robbers often robbed us, took us away as slaves. It is about the year 712. A twenty-year-old Muslim robber named Muhammad-bin-Qasim, carrying only six thousand horsemen, crossed the vast desert of Balochistan and came to India unabated. In that campaign of plunder, he returned with seventeen thousand mands of gold, six thousand solid gold idols of which one weighed thirty mans, diamond-pearl-emerald-manik on twenty camels. He killed every Hindu friend and enemy. The road through which he passed, destroyed all the temples on that road, burnt the villages. This is a small sample of the loot of the Mughals. Now let’s take an example of the British. When the matter of wealth and splendor of a prosperous country like India reached the ears of the British, their gluttonous eyes fell on India and their adventurous instincts were drawn to India in the beginning of the 17th century (1608). Then slowly it started showing its colours, and ship-by-ship, Indian diamonds and jewels were offered as a tribute to the Queen. From just one example it becomes clear how much wealth must have been looted and a lot of effort was made to mutilate the golden bird like India. That’s why the Governor General had said – We are sending a secret treasure to London. The curtain was removed from the front. Seven iron boxes were seen whose lids were open. When the Under Secretary narrated the details, everyone’s eyes were torn apart. It was told that in addition to thirty minds of diamonds, six crore rupees, two hundred mands of gold, eight hundred mands of silver, the world famous Takht-Taus of the Mughal emperor of Delhi was also kept there which was worth seven crores at that time.

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The undivided form of the ancient times of India is called ‘Akhand Bharat’. In ancient times India was very vast which included Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand. Some countries which had been separated long ago, while Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. were separated from the British during the period of independence. Samudragupta had expanded Akhand Bharatvarsha. After his death in 380 BC, his son Chandragupta-II also expanded Akhand Bharatvarsha. After that, gradually the state of Akhand Bharatvarsha went on becoming a country of its own. Now India had become India, which was divided into two parts by the British at the time of independence. When the British left India in the year 1947, at that time also there were 556 kings in India. For him, the British had said while freeing India that he was free. The kings who want to go with Pakistan, they should go; Those who want to stay in India can stay there. Good luck to our freedom fighters Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who took the initiative to unite all those kings and maharajas in India. They also succeeded and then you can now call it Akhand Bharat.

After so much struggle, we are breathing the air of freedom. The country was looted so much that the people of our country are still living in slums below the poverty line, along the railway tracks, millions of people battling the horrors of floods, inviting death every hour and searching for the bread of June 2. subsist. If someone does or say something, nothing will happen to it, but if the government thinks that we have to remove these shortcomings, then there is no doubt that it will not get success. But, unfortunately, our leaders also know these things and want to remove the shortcomings, but only before the elections. As soon as elections are won, they get creamy power, where do they have the time to look back on all this. If they see anything, it is self-development. The thinking of these leaders is that if the society becomes educated, their poverty is removed, then who will cheer them, who will vote for the ruffians and thugs like them? Then where will he be able to indulge in glitzy clothes, long foreign cars, five star hotels! So whatever is there, let them be there and keep doing all your ‘development’. Frustration destroys the self-confidence of man, the good thing is that we Indians are hopeful and confident, so after 75th year of independence our standard of living will improve, our country will definitely develop with dignity and our leaders are our leaders. We will become ideals. We also maintain so much pride. Jai Hind.

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Nishikant Thakur, Journalist, Jansatta News (The writer is a senior journalist and political analyst)

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