Punjab Election 2022: We don’t cheat, we don’t expect to be cheated … What did BSP state president say about Punjab elections

Punjab Election 2022: We don’t cheat, we don’t expect to be cheated … What did BSP state president say about Punjab elections
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Punjab Election 2022: We don’t cheat, we don’t expect to be cheated … What did BSP state president say about Punjab elections

Punjab Election 2022: We don’t cheat, we don’t expect to be cheated … What did BSP state president say about Punjab elections

After nearly two and a half decades in Punjab, the Shiromani Akali Dal and the BSP are all set to contest elections together again. In the 117-seat assembly, the Akali Dal will contest 97 seats and the BSP 20 seats. Surprisingly in this case, Punjab has the largest population of Dalits, Punjab is also the birthplace of Kanshi Ram, who edged out Dalit politics, then the BSP could not become such a force here as it was formed in UP.

The National Political Editor of the NBT to find out the reasons for this, the terms of the BSP alliance with the Akali Dal and the election situation there. Nadeem Talked about State BSP president Jasveer Singh Gadhi From. Here are the highlights of the conversation:

  1. By forming an alliance with the Akali Dal, the BSP has won only 20 seats. By what formula are you going to contest the elections? Will the Deputy Chief Minister belong to BSP?
    Bringing the coalition to power with an absolute majority is our first priority. Sister Mayawati will decide what the form of participation in power will be. I am not in a position to say who the Deputy Chief Minister will be. All I can say is that there is a passion among the activists of both the parties to bring the alliance to power.
  2. Why didn’t BSP become a force in Punjab when Punjab was the birthplace of party founder Kanshi Ram?
    It is not that we have never been able to become a force in Punjab. Look at the results of the 1992 assembly elections, we were the second largest party in the state. The Akali Dal and the BJP were behind us. The Akali Dal allied with us for the 1996 Lok Sabha elections. Then our front won 11 of the 13 seats in the state. Later the political equations of Punjab changed. There were two strong alliances. In such a situation, the BSP was weakened as it was not part of any alliance. This alliance lasted for about 25 years, because we could not perform as we wanted.
  3. But at the same time, the BSP was raising the banner of its success in UP. BSP was in power five times, Mayawati became Chief Minister four times?
    We have to understand the difference between UP and Punjab. In UP, the fort of the Congress, which used to be the emperor, had collapsed at that time. After being excluded from the Congress contest, there was equal competition among all. Unlike Punjab, Uttar Pradesh did not have an alliance with the BJP. The people of the state had accepted the BSP as an alternative after the Congress’s minor position.
  4. In UP, the BSP formed alliances with different parties at different times, but did not succeed. So what are your expectations from Punjab?
    The BSP-Akali Dal alliance will succeed in Punjab. The media should have no doubt about it. We do not deceive anyone, nor do we expect anyone to deceive us.
  5. The BSP’s complaint in the alliance is always that its vote is transferred to the ally, but the ally’s vote is not transferred to it?
    In Punjab, the Akali Dal-BSP alliance is on the test. There is no doubt in the minds of both the parties about the transfer of votes. In the 1996 Lok Sabha elections, there was a transfer of votes, which is why we managed to win 11 out of 13 seats. Both parties are cadre based.
  6. The reason for the Akali Dal-BJP alliance in the 2017 Assembly elections is believed to be public resentment against the Akali Dal. Has the BJP itself said that it lost its eyesight in 2017 because of the Akali Dal?
    If the coalition government was in operation and it was defeated, the cause of the defeat could not be calculated. The cause of defeat is believed to be collective. Secondly, if the BJP was defeated by the Akali Dal, then why did the alliance last till 2020? Another thing is that the BJP did not break away from the alliance but the Akali Dal decided to sever ties with it.
  7. As soon as the Akali Dal broke alliance with the BJP, the BSP formed an alliance with it, for some special reason?
    Our relationship with the Akali Dal is not new. For some reason, the Akali Dal had joined hands with the BJP and coincidentally, the alliance lasted for a long time. The Akali Dal is no longer with the BJP. We both have the same opinion about Punjab, so we thought we should form an alliance again.
  8. In Uttar Pradesh, BSP is doing Brahmin-Brahmin, on what issues will it contest elections in Punjab?
    Not only Brahmins are doing it, but the BSP and its leader sister Mayawati are with every tribe that has been treated unfairly. There is a lot of injustice being done to Brahmins in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP is robbing the farmers of their rights through the Kisan Bill, while the BSP is backing the farmers.
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