Rahul Gandhi claims he is a Kashmiri Pandit BJP asks why forget Dada Feroze Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi claims he is a Kashmiri Pandit BJP asks why forget Dada Feroze Gandhi
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Rahul Gandhi claims he is a Kashmiri Pandit BJP asks why forget Dada Feroze Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi claims he is a Kashmiri Pandit BJP asks why forget Dada Feroze Gandhi


  • BJP mocks Rahul Gandhi for calling himself a Kashmiri Pandit – Why isn’t Dada proud of Feroze Gandhi’s name?
  • BJP spokesperson Rajiv Jaitley said- ‘Kashmiri Pandit on stage and in Muslim meetings’, what could be a bigger joke?
  • Jaitley alleges that Rahul Gandhi is not proud of his grandfather, why is Feroze Gandhi being killed?

New Delhi
The BJP is angry over Rahul Gandhi’s presence at Vaishno Mata’s court and calling himself a Kashmiri Pandit. During a discussion on a TV channel, BJP spokesperson Rajiv Jaitley said that Akbar had also gone to his mother’s court. When Rahul described himself as a Kashmiri Pandit, he asked if he had forgotten Dada Feroze Gandhi. Jaitley said that today when self-proclaimed Kashmiri Pandits go to Muslim thinkers, they say their party is Muslim. If such people claim to lead the country, what could be a bigger joke than this.

‘Kashmiri Pandit on stage, in Muslim meeting … big joke’
“You stand on the stage and say that I am a Kashmiri Pandit,” BJP spokesperson Rajiv Jaitley said on News 18 India’s debate show. When you go to a party of Muslim thinkers, you say you are a Muslim and we have a party of Muslims. You cannot respect your father. Tie your political party to a particular religion. If such people change their caste, surname, their caste in some place and then claim to lead this country, what could be a bigger joke with the people of this country than this.

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‘Akbar also went to his mother’s court’
On Rahul’s visit to Vaishno Mata Darbar, the BJP spokesperson said, “Everyone has the right to go to mother’s court. Akbar also went to mother’s court.” Blessed is he who goes. If Rahul Gandhi is gone, he should be welcomed. There should be no politics behind this. He later accused Rahul Gandhi of insulting his own grandfather and said, “But I have to say one thing that I am proud of my father, everyone is proud of his father. He is the first man from such a large political family but he is not proud of his father’s name, he is proud of his grandfather’s name. Why aren’t you proud of your father’s name?

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‘Why is Rahul Gandhi’s grandfather being identified?’
Accusing Rahul Gandhi of forgetting his grandfather, the BJP spokesperson questioned why Feroze Gandhi was being killed. He said, ‘I am very sad today. I am fighting for my honor. I am fighting the battle of late Fardun Jahangir Gandhi, GHANDY was the last name of Feroze Gandhi’s father. I am fighting their battle. Why is his identity being killed?

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Feroze Gandhi’s death anniversary was two days ago
Coincidentally, Wednesday was just two days before Rahul Gandhi’s grandfather Feroze Gandhi’s 61st birthday. At this time, no one from his family reached to pay homage to his grave in Prayagraj. There is actually a crematorium in Mumford rust of Prayagraj. Where is the Samadhi of Feroze Gandhi?

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