Raise your hand if a gaming PC is currently heating your home

By | January 19, 2021
Raise your hand if a gaming PC is currently heating your home

Elevate your hand if a gaming PC is at present heating your property

A couple of weeks in the past, our furnace (technically a ductless warmth pump) stopped working on the worst attainable time of the yr. However no less than one room stays good and toasty all winter lengthy — because of my gaming PC.

Now, The Wall Road Journal is reporting this would possibly really be a development: some bitcoin miners and players are warming their rooms, rising tomatoes, and even heating a rooster coop through the pandemic.

It made me marvel: what number of Verge readers are doing the identical?


Are you (deliberately) heating your property with gaming {hardware}?

  • 62%


    (770 votes)

  • 30%

    Sure, with my gaming PC

    (379 votes)

  • 3%

    Sure, with my mining rig

    (39 votes)

  • 3%

    Sure, with one thing else (share within the feedback!)

    (48 votes)

1236 votes complete

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Me, I maintain my PC operating all evening lengthy, folding proteins to assist research COVID-19, which I extremely suggest. (I simply crossed 175 million factors this week.) However I’ve to confess the room hasn’t been as heat since I swapped my very own GeForce GTX 1080 again in. The impossible-to-find AMD Radeon RX 6800 undoubtedly put out extra warmth, and we really needed to crack a window once I had an Nvidia RTX 3080 folding these proteins. I can’t communicate for each mannequin, however the Founder’s Version runs sizzling.

Right here’s hoping Mitsubishi delivers a brand new management board for my warmth pump quickly.

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