Rajasthan News: Fake diesel exposed in Rajasthan

Rajasthan News: Fake diesel exposed in Rajasthan
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Rajasthan News: Fake diesel exposed in Rajasthan

Rajasthan News: Fake diesel exposed in Rajasthan


  • Fake diesel gang busted in Rajasthan
  • Two police stations in Bundi took action, seizing more than 35,000 liters, including a biodiesel tanker
  • Bundi police were getting information that they were getting Rs 70 diesel, and action was taken on the instructions of the Superintendent of Police
  • Bundi District Logistics Officer took samples along with the teams, samples will be sent to Kota FSL for inspection

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Budi. In many places in Rajasthan, diesel prices have gone beyond Rs 100. What was the century of diesel price? The state has launched a fake diesel racket. Police in Bundi district of the state on Wednesday cracked down on a complaint of fake diesel. Police have seized more than 35,000 liters of biodiesel along with the tanker. Taking action in collaboration with the police, the district logistics department has taken samples for testing, which will be sent to Kota FSL Lab for testing.

Police took action and seized the truck at two places
As per the directions of District Superintendent of Police Shivraj Meena, based on continuous complaints of supply of fake diesel in the district, Taleda police station and Sadar police station have seized two tankers filled with fake diesel in two separate operations. Both the tankers were traveling from Jaipur to Kota in different directions. The tanker seized by Taleda police station contained 12,000 liters and the tanker seized by the police station contained 24,170 liters of biodiesel. The matter is now being further investigated by the logistics department after the matter was revealed by the police.

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Such police took action to reach the spot
According to the information received, the police in the district had been receiving information that counterfeit diesel was being sold at cheaper rates for several days. The district superintendent of police had put all the police stations in the district on alert mode to take action against those involved in the business. Information was also being taken from the informants. The police were trying to take action against such people. Last night, the police station received information from a source that a tanker full of biodiesel was parked on Hattipora Road. Sub-inspector of the police station Babu Lal caught the suspected tanker and stopped it. And logistics officials were called to the scene.

Samples of diesel sent to laboratories
Also, the Taleda police station was informed that a tanker full of fake diesel had arrived from Laxmipura Road. Digvijay Singh, an officer of Talera police station, rushed to the spot but took the tanker into custody and brought it to Talera police station. Talera police informed the matter to the logistics department. An investigation by the logistics department has revealed that the diesel is counterfeit. Samples of diesel are taken by the logistics department, which will be sent to the laboratory for testing.

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Crime filed, investigation underway
Babulal, sub-inspector of the police station, said that after confiscating the tanker MP09HF5123 near Bone Pura, the matter of getting the tanker from a person named Praduman Singh came to light. Action will be taken according to the type of report submitted by the logistics department. On the other hand, Taleda police officer Digvijay Singh said that driver Ramkaran Gurjar and sailor Harinarayan have been arrested after the RJ14GC8184 tanker was seized.

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