Rajasthan News: Rajasthan K Dausa I Hiralal Saini Bane District

Rajasthan News: Rajasthan K Dausa I Hiralal Saini Bane District
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Rajasthan News: Rajasthan K Dausa I Hiralal Saini Bane District

Rajasthan News: Rajasthan K Dausa I Hiralal Saini Bane District


  • With 21 members together, the Congress got 16 votes
  • The BJP got 13 votes with 8 members
  • A total of 5 votes were passed by party and camp
  • Victory procession of Congress in Dausa after the victory of the district chief

Dausa. The Congress had to face cross-voting in the district chief elections held in Dausa, Rajasthan on Saturday. However, the votes were more in favor of the Congress and the Congress candidate Hiralal Saini won. In Dausa, the Congress candidate became the district chief. Saini defeated BJP candidate Neelam Gurjar. There is an atmosphere of celebration in the Congress camp after the victory. After the victory, Congress candidate Hiralal Saini and Minister Mamata Bhupesh marched in an open jeep in Dausa city.

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Minister Mamata Bhupesh had exerted full force for the election of the district chief. She herself had reached the front seat of the bus with a total of 1 member. The candidate and a proposer were already inside. In such a situation, a total of 21 members were with the Congress camp, but when the result came, only the Congress got 16 votes.

At the same time, BJP candidate Neelam Gurjar had reached the Zilla Parishad with 8 members. However, the BJP got a total of 13 votes. In such a situation, five votes were passed from the Congress camp. Speaking of the Congress party, a total of 17 members belonged to the Congress party. In such a situation, not all 17 members voted for their party. In such a situation, according to the Congress party, one vote and a total of 5 votes have been passed by the camp.
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After the polls were over, Minister Mamata Bhupesh said that cross-voting had taken place. But voting is a confidential process, not knowing. Nevertheless, the matter will be discussed at its level. At the same time, Minister Mamata Bhupesh said that the people of the country and the state are dissatisfied with the policies of the Central Government. The result was that the people voted for the Congress, on the basis of which the Congress district chiefs have been found in Dausa and the heads in 10 panchayat committees.

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