Rajasthan News: Website of Bharat Nirman Commission hacked in Rajasthan

Rajasthan News: Website of Bharat Nirman Commission hacked in Rajasthan
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Rajasthan News: Website of Bharat Nirman Commission hacked in Rajasthan

Rajasthan News: Website of Bharat Nirman Commission hacked in Rajasthan


  • Two real brothers arrested for hacking Election Commission of India website
  • Two laptops, three mobiles, a tam card and other items seized
  • Seized five accounts from different banks, used half of the proceeds, the main goon

Arjun Arvind
Rajasthan’s Baran district police have arrested two real brothers for hacking the Election Commission of India’s website and forging IDs. Both the arrested brothers are residents of Ruparel village in the police station area. Two laptops, three mobiles, a temacard and other equipment were seized from them. Both the accused brothers have been handed over to Saharanpur police in Uttar Pradesh.
Baran District Superintendent of Police Vineet Bansal said the team had reached Chhabra on Saturday after the case was uncovered. Collect a lot of evidence by scrutinizing the documents for about an hour and a half at the accused’s e-mitra shop in Chhabra Palika area. During the investigation, it was found that Deepak Mehta (21) and Sanjeev Mehta hacked the Election Commission of India’s website and forged IDs without the Commission’s permission.

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An e-friend shop in Chhabra town was cheating
A police investigation is underway, police said. The accused had been fabricating voter ID cards for the past fortnight by opening an e-mitra shop in Chhabra city, hacking the Election Commission’s website and generating fake IDs. He had opened five accounts in different banks, in which about Rs 15 lakh has been stated. All the bank accounts have been seized by Chhabra Circle inspector Ramanand Yadav.

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Used to pay 100 to 200 per ID
Police said the accused, acting on the instructions of Arman Malik, had hacked the Election Commission’s website for the past three months, along with arrested Vipul Saini and Chhabra resident Deepak Mehta. He used to get Rs 100 to Rs 200 per ID through Arman Malik for making fake voter ID cards.

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Half of the earnings went to Chief Master Manala
Superintendent of Police Baran Vineet Bansal told reporters that accused Deepak Mehta had done work worth about Rs 50 lakh. 25 lakh in this. Half the amount came to Deepak’s account, the main mastermind was sent to the accused’s account. Accused Deepak deposited Rs 5 lakh in his brother Sanjeev Mehta’s bank account. Also used his mobile sim.

Rajasthan police handed over the accused to UP police, now they will be interrogated in Delhi
Chhabra police have handed over the two arrested brothers to UP police, police said. Both the accused will be handed over to Delhi Police by UP Police.

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