Rajesh Khanna Dimple Kapadia Marriage Unknown Facts

Rajesh Khanna Dimple Kapadia Marriage Unknown Facts
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Rajesh Khanna Dimple Kapadia Marriage Unknown Facts

Rajesh Khanna Dimple Kapadia Marriage Unknown Facts

New Delhi. Today is the tenth death anniversary of Rajesh Khanna, the superstar of Hindi cinema. He died on 18 July 2012. Rajesh Khanna was one such actor of Bollywood. Who earned stardom from his work. In the 70s and 80s, the name of Rajesh Khanna was heard everywhere. With his acting, Kaka ruled the hearts of crores of people for years. At the same time, a different kind of craze was seen among the girls about Rajesh Khanna. The biggest change in Rajesh Khanna’s life came when he married Dimple Kapadia, 16 years younger than himself. This one decision of Rajesh Khanna changed his whole life.

Rajesh Khanna married 16 years younger Dimple Kapadia

Rajesh Khanna had gone crazy for the beauty of actress Dimple Kapadia, who made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Bobby’. He was 32 years old when he married Dimple and Dimple was only 16 years old. Dimple and Rajesh Khanna were able to live a life of peace for only a few years after getting married. After a few years, tension started between the two. After a few years of marriage, Rajesh Khanna and Dimple’s first daughter Twinkle was born and after some time daughter Rinke Khanna came into this world.

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Dimple Kapadia banned from working in films

Dimple Kapadia could not bear the anger of Rajesh Khanna. Along with this, Rajesh Khanna also banned Dimple from working in films. Often whenever Dimple had a fight with Rajesh Khanna, she got angry and went to her father’s house and did not go back to Rajesh Khanna for a long time. Gradually these distances started increasing even more. Dimple could not understand Rajesh Khanna. At the same time, both of them never got divorced.

Did not give divorce to Rajesh Khanna due to daughters

Dimple Kapadia had two daughters with Rajesh Khanna because of her divorce. Dimple was very upset in her marriage. At the same time, when his two daughters were born, he himself changed the decision to divorce with Rajesh Khanna. Dimple Kapadia wanted to give a good life to both her daughters and she knew that only her father Rajesh Khanna could give it to them. This was the reason why Dimple never divorced Rajesh Khanna.

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Name associated with many actresses

After 11 years of marriage, Dimple Kapadia left Rajesh Khanna’s house without divorce. The reason for which was the news of Rajesh Khanna’s affairs. Rajesh Khanna kept busy shooting for his films. During this, the news of Rajesh Khanna’s affairs has also come to the fore. Sometimes his name was associated with his special friend Anju Mahendru and sometimes news of his linkup with actress Tina Munim would come to the fore. After which Dimple left Rajesh Khanna’s house with her two daughters forever and started living in another house.

Rajesh Khanna’s heart came on Teama accountant

It is said that after the departure of Dimple Kapadia, actress Tina Munim started living in Rajesh Khanna’s house. Rajesh Khanna also started loving Tina Munim very much. Both wanted to get married. There was Dimple that Rajesh was not giving talaq to Khanna. Seeing this, Tina Munim understood that she would never be able to become Rajesh Khanna’s wife. After some time Tina Munim also left Rajesh Khanna and left.

Dimple Kapadia supported in the last days

Even after separating from Rajesh Khanna, Dimple Kapadia remained with him till the last time. When Rajesh Khanna started being very ill. Then Dimple used to stay with her and take care of her. Dimple, who was away for years, took great care of Rajesh Khanna till her last breath.

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