Rakesh Bapat kisses Shamita Shetty

Rakesh Bapat kisses Shamita Shetty
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Rakesh Bapat kisses Shamita Shetty

Rakesh Bapat kisses Shamita Shetty

In ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, where there are a lot of quarrels and fights, on the other hand, some of the connections seem to be getting stronger. One such connection is between Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat. Now there are things in both of them in the house that indicate that some chemicals are forming in them. Their close relationship is now being discussed among family members as well.

Rakesh Bapat and Shamita are always seen standing side by side in the show. Rakesh also plays a lot of roles for Shamita in fights. Not only that, he is taking great care of Shamita and always seems to be taking care of her. Recently, when Bigg Boss gave family members the opportunity to change connections, Rakesh and Shamita chose each other as their connection. Shamita said that her and Rakesh’s thoughts are very similar and she always supports them. At the same time, Rakesh said, Shamita looks on her own and a relationship is starting to form with him.

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After this, Shamita ran and hugged Rakesh and Rakesh picked him up on his lap. Not only that, he used to flirt with Rakesh Shamita in one episode. He urged her to sleep in the same bed and started calling Shamita ‘Baby, baby’. While Shamita Shetty was preventing Rakesh Bapat from doing all this, he was flirting with her. Seeing all this, all the members of the family were laughing. At the same time, in a recent episode, Rakesh was seen waking up by kissing Shamita. Shamita was asleep and then Rakesh comes there. He kisses Shamita’s hand and then gets up.

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The chemistry between Shamita and Rakesh is being discussed among family members, while actor Karan Nath has recently revealed in an interview that their connection is deepening. Karan Nath was recently kicked out of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’.

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