Rakesh Bapat on ending his marriage with QD Dogra

Rakesh Bapat on ending his marriage with QD Dogra
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Rakesh Bapat on ending his marriage with QD Dogra

Rakesh Bapat on ending his marriage with QD Dogra

In ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, Rakesh Bapat, who is discussing his game and intimacy with Shakita Shetty, recently made some shocking revelations about his personal life. Rakesh Bapat, who usually looks very calm and cool in the show, was recently broken up after some misunderstanding between him and Shamita during the nomination process. This caused a quarrel between the two.

But then Rakesh Bapat along with Shamita Shetty sat in the garden area and cleared all the misunderstandings. Meanwhile, he revealed some things related to his life to Shamita, which surprised even the actress. Rakesh Bapat told Shamita that he saw many ups and downs in his life. He said he faced many difficulties from childhood to adulthood.

Divorce from wife and shock of father’s death
But the divorce from his wife Riddhi Dogra and later the death of his father broke him a lot. Rakesh said that both these incidents had a bad effect on him. Somehow, he tried to take care of himself and move on.

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Married in 2011, divorced in 2019
Let us know that Rakesh Bapat and Riddhi Dogra’s 2010 TV show ‘Merida: But Until When?’ The couple got married in 2011, a year after the set. Rakesh and Riddhi love each other very much. Fans loved their pair. This was the reason why Rakesh Bapat and Riddhi Dogra decided to get divorced after 8 years of marriage. Rakesh and Riddhi divorced in 2019.

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Rakesh is worried, it gets worse
Rakesh Bapat further said that he also has a problem of anxiety. He said, ‘There was a time when I couldn’t sleep for two weeks in a row. I was on the verge of breaking up. My mother and my sister were very scared for me. He was shocked to see my condition.

Rakesh Bapat further told Shamita that it was difficult for him to find balance in life and now he wants to find a person who will understand him at least once in his life. Hearing Rakesh Bapat’s grief, Shamita hugged him and reassured him.

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