Rakhi and Gulzar love story: Gulzar and Rakhi love story A terrible night in Kashmir that changed their married life

Rakhi and Gulzar love story: Gulzar and Rakhi love story A terrible night in Kashmir that changed their married life
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Rakhi and Gulzar love story: Gulzar and Rakhi love story A terrible night in Kashmir that changed their married life

Rakhi and Gulzar love story: Gulzar and Rakhi love story A terrible night in Kashmir that changed their married life

Gulzar is celebrating his 87th birthday on August 18 with strong dialogue and heartfelt lyrics. Gulzar, who has won millions and millions of hearts with his brilliant songs like ‘Tujhse Naaz Nahi Zindagi’ and ‘Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi’, lost his heart in front of Bollywood actress Rakhi (Rakhi and Gulzar Love Story). On May 15, 1973, Gulzar (full lion cholera) married Rakhi. However, this love story is such that it is not complete or completely broken.

That’s where Gulzar’s life changed
Gulzar was born into a Kalra Sikh family in Dina, British India, but after the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, Gulzar’s family split and he had to leave his education and move to Mumbai. It was not easy for Gulzar to get a job in any company as he missed his studies. So he started doing small jobs to live in Mumbai. Gulzar worked as a car mechanic in a garage in Mumbai. He used to touch-up broken vehicles of different colors in a garage on Belasis Road. Once Gulzar met Bimal Roy and Shailendra, they asked Gulzar to appear in movies and that is where Gulzar’s life changed. He wrote the song ‘Mora Gora Ang Le, Mohe Shyam Rang De De’ for Dharmendra, Ashok Kumar and Nutan’s film ‘Bandini’, which was the first song of his film career. From here, Sampurna Singh Kalra rose to prominence and later became one of the most beloved names in the list of eminent writers, poets, lyricists, producers and directors of Bollywood.

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Rakhi and Gulzar’s wedding was very tumultuous
Gulzar’s success in Bollywood had reached Shige and meanwhile actress Rakhi also entered his life. The couple married in 1973. However, before the marriage, Rakhi married journalist-Bengali film director Ajay Biswas. This relationship did not last long and in two years the two separated. Rakhi and Gulzar’s wedding was celebrated with great fanfare, in which all the big stars like Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Jitendra were present.


Gulzar had laid down a condition before the marriage
In December 1973, in the same year, he had a daughter, whom he named Meghna Gulzar. A year after Meghna’s birth, the two decided to separate. The reason for the bitterness between the two was Gulzar’s condition. It is said that Gulzar had made it clear before the marriage that Rakhi would have to be dropped from the film after the marriage. He objected to women working after marriage. Although Rakhi accepted Gulzar’s condition, she hoped to get a job in Gulzar’s films, but it did not happen. It is said that despite Rakhi’s request, Gulzar did not sign her in any of her films.

Due to Gulzar, Rakhi turned down all offers of films
According to reports, other manufacturers and producers of the industry at the time were ready to sign Rakhi and when he told Gulzar about the offers, he reacted sharply. After this, Rakhi turned down all the offers that came in front of her one by one. However, the incident of one night changed the marital life of the two.

One night’s events changed everything
It is said that Gulzar had gone to Kashmir for the shooting of his film ‘Andhi’, accompanied by Rakhi. One night Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen along with the entire cast and crew of the film were sitting together. Sanjeev Kumar was very drunk and Suchitra wanted to go to her room so he grabbed her hand and stopped her. This made Suchitra very angry and then Gulzar Sabla had to come in and he took the opportunity to get the actress out of there and take her to her room. When Gulzar left him and returned to his room, Rakhi questioned why he had gone to her room to leave Suchitra. Gulzar did not like to object to Rakhi and it is said that in this rage he also beat his wife. According to reports, Rakhi was shocked by the incident that happened to her.

Moment of Filmfare Awards with Gulzar

(Filmfare Moment with Gulzar)

That is why the two did not get divorced
Rakhi then took the decision of her life into her own hands. The director wanted to sign Rakhi for the film ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ and he reached Kashmir. The director was going to get permission from Gulzar to take Rakhi in the film as Rakhi had already said yes and from here the difference between the two started. However, their daughter Meghna is unable to separate them, so the two have not divorced from each other so far.

Gulzar still likes to eat hand-cooked food of rakhi
In an interview with Star Dust, Rakhi said, “We deserve the award for the best divorced couple. We adjust more than married couples. Gulzar and I always stand behind each other. He treats me like I’m still his wife. He will call me from his house and tell me – I have invited four friends for dinner. No food at home. So please send prawn curry as soon as possible. I also send. His other favorite thing is kheer and he likes my hand kheer.

Actress Rakhi

(This picture of Rakhi has gone viral on social media)

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It has been said that Rakhi’s life is being cut short.
Recently, some photos of Rakhi have been discussed on social media. With these pictures it is said that today Rakhi lives away from Bollywood at her Panvel farm house and spends most of her time there. According to reports, Rakhi farms on the farm house and raises animals.

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