Ram Navami 2021 Today: Puja timings, rituals and other significant details

Ram Navami 2021 Today: Puja timings, rituals and other significant details
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Ram Navami 2021 Today: Puja timings, rituals and other significant details

Ram Navami 2021 At this time: Puja timings, rituals and other significant details

Ram Navami 2021: Ram Navami is a significant Hindu pageant celebrated on the ninth day of Chaitra month, the primary month within the Hindu lunar calendar. The day marks the birthday of Lord Ram, who is thought to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It’s believed that worshipping him on at the present time signifies the removing of unhealthy powers and entrance of divine energy on the earth.

As per the Gregorian calendar, the day normally falls between the months of March and April. This 12 months, the pageant of Rama Navami will probably be noticed immediately on Wed, April 21, 2021.

Rama Navami 2020: Puja timings

Based on Drikpanchang, the auspicious timings for puja throughout the Rama Navami pageant are as follows:

  • Rama Navami Madhyahna Muhurat: 11:02 am to 01:38 pm
  • Period: 02 Hours 36 minutes

Sita Navami is on Friday, Might 21, 2021

  • Rama Navami Madhyahna Second – 12:20 pm

The Navami Tithi begins at 00:43 am on Apr 21, 2021, and ends at 00:35 am on Apr 22, 2021.

Ram Navami 2021: Rituals

On this significant day of Ram Navmi, some devotees observe a strict quick that begins within the morning and extends until the subsequent morning. They chorus from the consumption of meals and water, whereas some devotees observe a milder type of fasting can devour water and fruits.

Devotees worship Lord Rama hear or narrating the epic Ramayana or Nama Ramayanam, performing the ceremonial wedding ceremony of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita and conduct the Rama Navami procession. Devotees in some components of the nation additionally manage bhajans and kirtans for a whole nine-day Navratra interval.

Ram Navami 2021: Historical past

Lord Rama was the eldest son of Dasharatha, the king of Ayodhya. Dasharatha had three wives specifically, Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi. He had no kids to take up his emperor sooner or later, and he was very sorry for the folks of Ayodhya.

In the future he was advised by the good Rishi named Vasistha to do the Puthra Kamesti Yagna to attain his dream for a kid. Throughout Yagya, Agni sprang out from the Yagya-Kunda and handed out Dasharatha a pot of the Kheer. Agni suggested Dasharatha to distribute it amongst his queens to get blessed with sons.

After completion of Yagna, Dasharatha gave a kheer to his three wives to get conceived. Kaushalya ate half of the Kheer, Sumitra ate 1 / 4 of it and Kaikeyi ate a few of it and handed it again to Sumitra who consumed the Kheer a second time. Thus, Kaushalya gave start to Lord Rama, Kaikeyi gave start to Bharata and Sumitra gave start to the dual Lakshmana and Shatrughna.


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