Read Bonkubabu's Friend: An unpublished translation by Satyajit Ray of his story of an alien-human friendship

Read Bonkubabu's Friend: An unpublished translation by Satyajit Ray of his story of an alien-human friendship
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Read Bonkubabu's Friend: An unpublished translation by Satyajit Ray of his story of an alien-human friendship

Satyajit Ray (1921-1992), furthermore being a filmmaker extraordinaire, was once additionally a stellar designer, tune composer, illustrator and creator. Nice relish the unusual aesthetics of his movement footage, Ray’s writings geared up premises and milieus normally unexplored in Indian literature, particularly kids fiction. He gave us a pair of of principally probably the most iconic characters, corresponding to Feluda and Professor Shonku, whose books are liked and revered by hundreds and hundreds of readers even at the present time.

Marking the beginning centennial of the yarn, Three Rays: Tales from Satyajit Ray, is the primary e-book in ‘The Penguin Ray Library’ sequence. With higher than 40 beforehand unpublished evaluations, autobiographical writings and illustrations by Ray himself, Three Rays opens a window to the brilliance and ingenious genius of the renaissance man.

The following temporary story, Bonkubabu’s Buddy has been excerpted from Three Rays and reproduced proper right here on Firstpost with due permission from the publishers, Penguin Random Dwelling India. The Bengali story was once on the beginning impact printed throughout the journal Sandesh (February 1962) as Bonkubabur Bondhu. The English translation by Satyajit Ray, hitherto unpublished, has been transcribed from Ray’s literary pocket book. This story was once additionally the inspiration boring a film (The Alien) that Ray beneath no circumstances made. It could actually per likelihood per likelihood be alleged that Steven Spielberg’s ET and Shut Encounters of the Third Form borrowed concepts from Ray’s script.

Nobody had ever thought-about Bonkubabu lose his mood. Actually, it was once mighty to guess how he would behave or what he would kind or sigh if he did lose his mood.

And however, it was once not as if there had been no causes for him to be offended. For twenty-two years he had been instructing Geography and Bengali on the Kankurgachi Important School and all these years Bonkubabu has been the sufferer of their jokes and pranks: drawing his caricatures on the blackboards, sticking chewing gum on his chair, environment firecrackers on him throughout the night of Kalipuja — had endured all these years.

However Bonkubabu beneath no circumstances misplaced his mood. At most interesting he would apparent his throat and sigh, ‘You mustn’t kind that, .’

One trigger, undoubtedly, was once that if in a match of mood he was once to give up his job he can be mighty put to assemble another job at his age. One different was once that in a category plump of mischievous boys there had been frequently exceptions at any time when. He would include pals with them, and the pleasure he obtained out of teaching them was once ample to include his job useful. In his free time, he would invite these boys over to his condominium. He gave them sweetmeats in a brass bowl and informed them acceptable evaluations from all unknown and faraway areas. Tales about Africa, concerning the discovery of the Poles, concerning the flesh-ingesting fish of Brazil, and the continent of Atlantis which had sunk throughout the ocean — all these Bonkubabu informed in a most enthralling functionality.

On Saturday and Sunday evenings Bonkubabu would race to zamindar Sripati Majumder’s condominium. He has normally thought that this may very well be the ultimate search suggestion from. Attributable to whereas he might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore put up with the pranks of restricted boys, scuffing by grownups he got here all of the machine through mighty to protect. The night classes at Majumder’s, the jokes at his expense sorely tried his endurance. Hardly a pair of months in the past, they’d been speaking about ghosts. Usually Bonkubabu didn’t supply his mouth, nonetheless on that day he with out warning got here all of the machine through himself saying he didn’t deem in ghosts. And that did it. It was once too moral a chance for the contributors to go up. So Bonkubabu wanted to place up with some unpleasant pranks on his functionality help dwelling. As he was once passing beneath a tamarind tree in Mitra’s orchard, a thin lanky man all blackened with soot pounced upon him. This was once little doubt a deliberate swap of one among the many aged pranksters.

Although he was once not unnerved, he was once harm bodily. The grief in his shoulder endured for 3 days. What was once worse, his current shirt was once not best dirty nonetheless additionally obtained badly ripped. A unusual gesture certainly!

And there had been different restricted annoyances relish his sneakers and umbrella hidden away, laying apart the spices from his paan and placing false ones of their impact, forcing a tune out of him…

Even then he wanted to change to these weekend meets. In each different case what would Mr Majumder deem? Now not best he was once principally probably the most revered man throughout the village, nonetheless he was once additionally irascible to flip and twist issues his compile functionality. On prime of that, Bonkubabu’s presence at his classes was once a should for him. He acknowledged you wish to have someone whom it is doable you may per likelihood per likelihood nicely presumably furthermore chortle at and who can be the butt of all jokes, or else what’s a event? So Bonkubabu wanted to close help.

The dialog this night was once on a celestial diploma; satellites had been being talked about. On the current time expedient after sundown a shifting mild had been thought-about throughout the northern sky.The the same kind of sunshine was once additionally thought-about three months in the past. Later it was once realized that it was once a Soviet satellite tv for pc — fall-off or kick-off or some such title. It was once acknowledged that the satellite tv for pc was once revolving across the earth at an altitude of 4 hundred miles and offering scientists with quite a few most new details.

On the current time the sunshine was once first thought-about by Bonkubabu. He has then pointed it out to Nidhubabu. However when Bonkubabu got here to Majumder’s, he got here all of the machine through that Nidhubabu had already taken the credit score rating himself and was once bragging about it. Bonkubabu acknowledged nothing.

Nobody throughout the level to firm there knew unprecedented about satellites, nonetheless one didn’t want a worth to debate about it, nor was once it thought-about embarrassing to kind so, and all people was once including his bit to the dialog.

Chandibabu acknowledged, ‘When all is claimed and achieved, contributors relish us merely shouldn’t budge our noses into satellites. To us they have to not any extra exact than the jewel throughout the serpent’s head. Someplace in some nook of the heaven someone sees a blurred mild, the papers write about it, and also you sit down at dwelling chewing paan and race all hysterical over it. As for of us that owned it; and the claps belong to you.’

Ramkanai was once the toddler throughout the group of employees. He acknowledged, ‘It could actually per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore not belong to us, nonetheless it utterly utterly belongs to mankind. Mankind resides above all. Decide about on the closing reality.’

‘Oh that’s simple,’ acknowledged Chandibabu, ‘you don’t rely on a monkey to include a satellite tv for pc, kind you?’

Nidhubabu the pleader acknowledged, ‘Completely. Mosey away satellites. Satellites don’t have contributors in them. It’s expedient a machine which fits revolving. Tops kind that too. You press a swap and followers kind that too. However what about rockets? That’s one factor we are able to’t protect frivolously.’

Chandibabu wrinkled his nostril and acknowledged, ‘Rockets? What’s there to debate about rockets? It might include some sense throughout the occasion that they made one proper right here and shoot it as much as the moon from the maidan and we went and paid for ringside seats and watch it race up. To me a rocket is as exact as a mare’s nest.’

Bhairav Chakravarty now acknowledged, ‘However verbalize one factor from another planet appear to close help all the way down to earth…’

‘So what? The likes of us would beneath no circumstances collect to deem it.’

‘That’s right.’

All people now grew to transform to their teacups, as there wasn’t unprecedented left to whisper on the subject.

At this level Bonkubabu cleared his throat and acknowledged mildly, ‘Mutter it comes proper right here.’

Nidhubabu feigned a designate of basic shock and acknowledged, ‘Why, Bonku too has one factor to whisper. Pricey me! What’s going to close to proper right here, Bonku? From the place?’

Bonkubabu once more acknowledged softly, ‘Any particular person or one factor from another planet, in all probability.’

As alongside with his behavior, Bhairav Chakravarty gave a hefty slap on his shoulder, confirmed his enamel and acknowledged grinning, ‘Bravo, Bonku, bravo! Males from different planets landing proper right here? On this godforsaken impact? Now not London, not Moscow, not Distinctive York, not even Calcutta, land proper right here in Kankurgachi? I need to sigh it is doable you may per likelihood per likelihood nicely presumably furthermore have extreme hopes.’

Bonkubabu did not sigh something nonetheless it utterly saved operating in his ideas — why is that’s so not attainable? In any case, the trigger of coming from a an extended way-away planet can be to hunt suggestion from Earth and verbalize they didn’t effort the place they landed? The prospect of landing in Kankurgachi was once expedient as moral as landing wherever else.

Sripatibabu hadn’t opened his mouth so a great distance. He now stirred himself; all eyes had been grew to transform on him. He put the teacup down and spoke in a deep ringing verbalize of basic positive wager, ‘Decide about, if someone from each different planet chosen to close help all the way down to earth, they wouldn’t include this cursed nation of ours. They’ve higher issues to kind than that. And in order that they have to not fools. I strongly deem they’re going to be Europeans, and so they’d include a worldwide nation throughout the West. Assemble ?’

All people with the exception of Bonkubabu nodded in assent.

Chandibabu poked Nidhubabu throughout the ribs, indicating Bonkubabu with a kidding smile and acknowledged in a mocking tone, ‘I need to sigh Bonku is moral. In any case, it’s reasonably pure for them to close help proper right here if best because of Bonku. What kind you sigh, Nidhu? Mutter they wished to protect a secular specimen help with them — what higher choice than Bonku?’ Ramkanai acknowledged, ‘Sharp ample to toughen a museum, or a zoo.’

Bonkubabu thought, you’re not rotten as specimens each. This Sripati, chin with camel’s face; Bhairav Chakravarty with eyes relish a tortoise; Nidhu with a face relish a mole; Ramkanai the goat; Chandibabu the bat — and also you wished males to place in a zoo…

Bonkubabu felt tears welling up in his eyes. He rose to change. He had appeared ahead to this assembly tonight, nonetheless it utterly grew to transform out so badly. His coronary coronary heart felt heavy. He couldn’t protect to any extent further.

‘You’re going?’ Sripati requested Bonkubabu.

‘It’s reasonably leisurely, sir.’

‘Behind? Nevertheless the subsequent day’s a trip. Sit down now, have another cup of tea.’

‘No thanks, Sir. I might higher race. There are some reply papers lying. Sharp night.’

Ramkanai acknowledged, ‘Cautious, Bonku. There’s no moon tonight. The boys of Mars are scarier than ghosts.’

Bonkubabu observed the sunshine as he was once midway through Pancha Ghosh’s bamboo orchard. He was once not carrying a lantern himself. It was once winter, so the snakes wouldn’t be out. Aside from, he knew the aptitude successfully. It was once not a path that people stale unprecedented, nonetheless for him, it was once a shortcut.

He had an peculiar feeling for a while. One factor was once not reasonably as it would be. However he couldn’t reasonably pin down what made it so. Then he with out warning realised that crickets had been not chirping. There was once useless silence. That was once what made it different. On different evenings, the deeper he moved into the orchard, the louder grew to transform the shrilling. Tonight it was once expedient the reverse. That was once what made it so eerie. Now what is going on to be the trigger? Had the crickets all long gone to sleep?

He saved questioning as he walked on, and in a minute or so grew to transform in path of east, when he observed the sunshine.

First and significant he thought the orchard was once on fireplace. In an supply location, the place the pond was once, the branches and leaves of the bamboo orchard timber had been bathed in a pink glow. Down on the underside the total location of the pond was once ablaze with an intense pink mild. But it surely utterly was once not fireplace, because the sunshine didn’t flicker.

Bonkubabu advanced.

He was once attentive to a sound on his ears, nonetheless couldn’t include out what it was once. It was once one amongst these excessive-pitched penetrating buzz — relish ringing throughout the ears.

Although Bonkubabu felt a chill of misery, he walked on out of sheer curiosity.

As he crossed the clear cluster of bamboo, fifteen yards or so from the pond, he observed the issue. A large object relish an overturned bowl lined the total pond and through its translucent floor emanated a best however soothing pink mild which lit up the encompassing orchard.

Even in his wants, Bonkubabu had beneath no circumstances thought-about a delicate relish that.

He stood staring in surprise for a while, after which though first and significant look for the thing appeared restful, now there appeared to be existence in it. He observed a high-tail. The domed floor rose and fell as in respiratory.

As Bonkubabu moved a pair of extra steps to have a greater be taught about he with out warning felt as if a cost of electrical energy had handed through him. And the next second he got here all of the machine through himself immobilised and felt as if unseen bonds had been preserving him down. Drained of all vitality, he might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore neither swap ahead, nor step help.

He stood for a while relish this after which observed the upward thrust and descend of the thing’s floor slowly close to to a discontinuance. Alongside with it stopped the unusual ringing sound. After which, piercing the silence of the night was once heard a verbalize which was once critically relish human beings, though unprecedented elevated in pitch. It acknowledged: ‘Milipipping Khruk! Milipipping Khruk!’

Bonkubabu was once scared into speechlessness. What kind of language was once this? And the place was once the precise individual that spoke out?

The following allege made Bonkubabu’s coronary coronary heart exit a beat.

‘Who’re you? Who’re you?’

Bonkubabu gulped and shouted help, ‘I am Bonkubihari Dutta sir, Bonkubihari Dutta.’

‘Are you English? Are you English?’

Bonkubabu shouted once more, ‘No sir, Bengali Kayastha sir.’

After a pair of moments of silence was once heard a verbalize that utterly pronounced: ‘Namaskar.’

Bonkubabu sighed in discount and answered help: ‘Namaskar!’

And with that he might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore really feel his unseen bonds loosening. He might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore crawl away now, nonetheless didn’t, as a result of he observed {that a} portion of the domed object was once now opening relish a door.

Read Bonkubabus Friend An unpublished translation by Satyajit Ray of his story of an alienhuman friendship

Read Bonkubabus Friend An unpublished translation by Satyajit Ray of his story of an alienhuman friendship

Illustrations by Satyajit Ray. Courtesy: Penguin Random Dwelling India

Via the door got here out, first, a peaceful spherical head of a creature, after which slowly emerged the consolation of the physique.

The skinny physique of the creature was once lined in a eager pink overlaying. On its face had been pairs of holes the place the nostril and the ears will need to have been, and however each different hole for the mouth. There was once no designate of hair. The two yellow eyes had been so mental that they appeared relish electrical bulbs.

The creature slowly improved in path of Bonkubabu and stood referring to him from a distance of 5 toes. Inadvertently, Bonkubabu’s fingers got here collectively in a gesture of namaskar.

After taking a watch at Bonkubabu for a minute or so, the creature spoke in his skinny, fluty verbalize. ‘You’re a particular person?’

Bonkubabu acknowledged, ‘Positive.’

‘Proper this is the Earth?’


‘I even have guessed moral — the controls should not working successfully. I had a restricted doubt, so I puzzled you first in a single among the many languages of Pluto. Whereas you happen to didn’t reply, I realised I had landed on the Earth in its impact. What a destroy of time! Having close to the total functionality . . . The the same kind of issue took impact over once more. I used to be going to Jupiter and landed up in Venus in its impact — heh, heh!’

Bonkubabu didn’t know what to whisper. In any case, he was once feeling very depressed, because the creature had began prodding him alongside with his skinny fingers.

As he achieved his examination, he acknowledged, ‘I’m Ang from the planet Cranius. I belong to an extraordinary elevated species than man.’

This 4-foot extreme creature was once claiming to be of elevated species than man! Bonkubabu felt relish laughing.

The creature surprisingly though, might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore be taught Bonkubabu’s ideas and acknowledged, ‘There’s no level in disbelieving me. I even have proof. What quantity of languages kind ?’

Bonkubabu scratched his head and acknowledged, ‘Bengali, English and eh . . . a smattering of Hindi.’

‘That’s two and a half of.’


‘I do know fourteen thousand. I do know each language spoken to your photo voltaic process. Aside from, I additionally know the language of planets outdoors your photo voltaic process. I even have been to 25 of them myself. How former are you?’


‘I am eight hundred and thirty-three. Assemble you bask within the flesh of animals?’

Handiest not too way back, on Kali Puja day, Bonkubabu had eaten meat curry. How might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore he sigh no?

Ang acknowledged, ‘We don’t. We gave up a pair of centuries in the past. We stale to. I might per likelihood per likelihood have eaten you up.’

Bonkubabu gulped.

‘Ever thought-about this?’

Ang gave Bonkubabu one factor which appeared relish a restricted pebble. As quickly as he took it, a tremor handed through his physique, and he hasty handed that issue help.

Ang laughed, ‘It was once as a result of I had this in my hand that you just simply couldn’t close to end to. Nobody can. There’s nothing higher than this to render an enemy powerless with out inflicting him harm.’

Bonkubabu was once initiating to really feel in precise reality impressed.

Ang acknowledged, ‘Are there any areas or sights that you just simply’d relish to deem nonetheless should not able to?’

Bonkubabu thought, why, he would relish to deem the filled with the sector, in precise reality. He taught Geography, and however he had thought-about nothing moreover a pair of cities and villages of Bengal. What has he thought-about even of his compile province? Now not the snows of Himalayas, or the ocean of Digha, or the jungles at Sunderbans; not even the Banyan tree throughout the Botanical Gardens at Shibpur.

He acknowledged, ‘There’s so unprecedented that I haven’t thought-about. As an occasion, as I belong to a tropical nation, I normally really feel a expedient want to deem the polar areas.’

Ang produced a swell-relish tube with a lens at one stop and held it sooner than Bonkubabu’s eyes. ‘Rob a watch through it,’ he acknowledged.

Bonkubabu put his eyes on the tube and felt a shiver of pleasure. Became this that it is doable you may per likelihood per likelihood nicely presumably furthermore think about? Merely sooner than his eyes was once an endless stretch of ice with hillocks of snow proper right here and there. Up throughout the deep blue sky rainbow-colored patterns saved shifting and altering in kind. Aurora Borealis. What was once that? An Igloo. There — there was once a gaggle of employees of polar bears. However what unusual animal was once that? Bonkubabu had an moral be taught about and recognised it, a Walrus! Now not one, nonetheless two of them had been locked in a fierce battle. The lengthy, radish-relish tusks of one had been dug into the physique of the other. Crimson blood dripped on the white snow.

Even throughout the frosty December night Bonkubabu broke right into a sweat.

Ang acknowledged, ‘Don’t you relish to should swap to Brazil?’

Bonkubabu remembered the flesh-ingesting Piranha fish. Strange! How close to the person was once able to be taught his ideas?

Bonkubabu put his eyes throughout the hole once more.

Dense woodland — the shadowy shadows in its depths spiked by daylight filtering through the foliage. On one side was once an enormous tree and from its branches hung a — what was once it? Sharp succesful! Bonkubabu might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore not think about that this sort of main snake might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore exist. Then with out warning he remembered concerning the Anaconda of Brazil. Huge brother to the python. However the place was once the fish? Then he might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore watch a high-tail. On the banks had been crocodiles basking throughout the photo voltaic. Now one amongst them stirred. It was once about to run into the high-tail. It did so with a slithering noise — Bonkubabu might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore hear it. However what was once that noise? The crocodile was once help throughout the financial institution relish a flash. However was once it the the same animal? Bonkubabu was once timorous that the decrease fragment of its physique had nearly nothing left, best bones, and the consolation of its flesh was once being avidly devoured by 5 intelligent-toothed little monsters — the Piranha fish!

Bonkubabu might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore bear no extra. His palms and legs had been trembling and his head reeled.

Ang acknowledged, ‘Now kind you deem that we’re right?’

Bonkubabu licked his lips and acknowledged, ‘Undoubtedly, utterly. Little doubt about it. 100 cases right.’

‘Completely,’ acknowledged Ang, ‘taking a watch at you and feeling your limbs I collect the sensation that though you belong to an homely diploma, it is doable you may per likelihood per likelihood nicely presumably be not a rotten occasion of human being. Nevertheless the true reality with you is that it is doable you may per likelihood per likelihood nicely presumably be too meek, which is why you beneath no circumstances obtained on in existence. And to not screech in opposition to unpleasant and to place up with humiliation with out a murmur are traits which swimsuit no being, human or in each different case. Anyway, I am glad concerning the likelihood assembly, nonetheless I can’t have ample cash to destroy time on this planet. I in precise reality needs to be off.’

Bonkubabu acknowledged, ‘Goodbye Mr Ang. I too was once very glad to — ’

However sooner than he had achieved and sooner than he knew what was once happening, Ang’s rocket had taken off and was once out of Pancha Ghosh’s bamboo orchard and had disappeared from look. Bonkubabu was once now with out warning wakeful that the crickets had began shrilling once more.

Strolling homeward, Bonkubabu had a unusual feeling. Even a short time in the past he hadn’t realised what a uncommon occasion had taken impact in his existence. A planet tucked away in some a great distance off nook of some photo voltaic process, no person had ever heard of it. And from there comes this man — not man, nonetheless an Ang — and meets him and chats with him. How unusual! How extraordinary! In all this earth, he was once the best man this creature obtained to know. He — Bonkubihari Dutta, coach of Geography and Bengali throughout the Kankurgachi Important School. On the current time, from this second, a minimal of in a single journey, he was once, throughout the full world, unusual.

Bonkubabu got here all of the machine through that he was once not strolling, nonetheless dancing.

The next day was once a Sunday. The assembly in Sripatibabu’s was once in plump swing. The information of the shifting mild thought-about throughout the sky the earlier night was once throughout the papers as a terribly restricted merchandise certainly. The information had close to from best two areas in Bengal, so it was once expedient another flying saucer story.

Pancha Ghosh was once amongst the contributors at at the present time’s assembly. It appeared that throughout the 40-bigha bamboo orchard few clusters of bamboos surrounding the pond had been scorched down throughout the night, and shed all their leaves. Bamboo timber kind shed their dry leaves in winter, nonetheless the shocking descending was once most peculiar. The phenomenon was once being talked about when Bhairav Chakravarty with out warning acknowledged, ‘Why is Bonku so leisurely at the present time?’

Nobody had observed this until now.

Nishu Moktar acknowledged, ‘Bonku isn’t extra prone to designate his face expedient however — after the aptitude he was once rubbed remaining night.’

Sripatibabu obtained very agitated and acknowledged, ‘However that acquired’t kind. We want him proper right here. Ramkanai, expedient exit and look ahead to of us that may per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore carry him alongside.’

Ramkanai acknowledged, ‘I’ll race as quickly as I fabricate my tea,’ and that very second Bonkubabu entered the room. Entered isn’t incessantly the observe for it. It was once as if a tornado swept throughout the guise of a restricted man.

After which it wreaked havoc. As a prelude, Bonkubabu roared with laughter for a plump minute, the likes of which no person had heard him chortle sooner than.

Having achieved that, Bonkubabu cleared his throat with a loud noise and spoke.

‘Company, I am glad to sigh that proper this is my remaining night proper right here. However sooner than I undoubtedly fragment firm with you, I in precise reality have a pair of observations to include — which is why I am proper right here. Important — that goes for all people — it is doable you may per likelihood per likelihood nicely presumably be nothing nonetheless a bunch of windbags. Of us that debate of such issues they know nothing about are generally known as fools. Quantity two — this issues Chandibabu — the propensity to veil sneakers and umbrellas at your age isn’t best unpleasant nonetheless injustice. Please watch that my umbrella and canvas sneakers are despatched help to my condominium by the subsequent day. Nidhubabu, for of us that mumble on calling me Bonkers, I shall supply calling you Nitwit, and also you’ll should accept that. And Sripatibabu — it is doable you may per likelihood per likelihood nicely presumably be an enormous man, little doubt it is doable you may per likelihood per likelihood nicely presumably furthermore have a need for males to lick your boots. However know this, that as of at the present time, I discontinuance to be one amongst them. Whereas you happen to want, I might per likelihood per likelihood nicely furthermore ship my pet cat Tom alongside; he can lick boots utterly certainly. And — ah, I watch Panchababu is correct right here too. Let me disclose you that one Mr Ang from the planet Cranuis got here proper right here in a rocket and landed throughout the pond to your bamboo orchard. I took impact to assemble to know him. He’s a satisfying pers — sorry, Ang.’

With these phrases, and with a hefty slap on the help of Bhairav Chakravarty which despatched him right into a match of coughing, Bonkubabu left the room.

At that very second, Ramkanai dropped the plump tea cup which broke into smithereens and splattering all people’s apparel with sizzling tea.

Three Rays (40 Beforehand Unpublished Tales and Autobiographical Writings by Satyajit Ray) was once printed by Penguin India on 17 Could presumably nicely 2021 | ISBN: 9780143448983 | 478 Pages | Rs 799

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