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Reddit user points out why Dota 2 is still difficult for a new player to join

Reddit user points out why Dota 2 is still difficult for a new player to join
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Reddit user points out why Dota 2 is still difficult for a new player to join

Dota 2 is probably the most difficult video games to begin as a contemporary player. Not solely does the sport have lots of of intricate and sophisticated in-game mechanics, however the neighborhood is additionally unforgiving.

A Reddit user selected to use r/DotA2 to specific his frustrations with regards to the neighborhood.

An nameless Dota 2 player expresses his grievances relating to the New Player Mode and the remainder of the neighborhood

A Reddit user acknowledged that he had launched his spouse to Dota 2, as he had been enjoying it for a very long time and needed to play it together with his beloved one.

Because it turned out, the expertise wasn’t good in any respect. His spouse discovered the spells of two heroes: Crystal Maiden and Witch Physician. As she was comparatively new to Dota 2, she couldn’t execute the spells in correct order or execute the combos as they’re meant to be.

She most likely bought mass-reported by her teammates in a solo queue all-pick of Dota 2 in order that she may be taught the sport of Dota 2 in a higher method. She then bought positioned within the low-priority pool the place she had to play and win a Single Draft match.

The Reddit user claimed that his spouse didn’t like enjoying a hero and she or he didn’t know the spells. Fortunately for her, her opponents in Dota 2 deserted the sport and bought out of it.

This still doesn’t excuse the truth that the new player mode, which was launched in Dota 2 very lately, is extraordinarily clunky and gives nothing however bot matches.


Although there are rewards, reminiscent of new engaging skins and announcer packs for new gamers, it is in the end simply bot matches. It is not likely a lesson for new gamers in Dota 2. The bots have some very particular movesets and pathing, whereas gamers in actual life suppose.


Individuals on Overwatch discovered her responsible. Overwatch is the latest system in Dota 2 to decide responsible gamers (griefing, feeding). On this state of affairs, the reported gamers are judged by different Dota 2 gamers, and so they ship the decision if the player is responsible of the accused prices or not.

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