Rekha Mother In Law Had Pushed Out Of House She Married Vinod Mehra

Rekha Mother In Law Had Pushed Out Of House She Married Vinod Mehra
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Rekha Mother In Law Had Pushed Out Of House She Married Vinod Mehra

Rekha Mother In Law Had Pushed Out Of House She Married Vinod Mehra

New Delhi. Rekha is a famous actress of Hindi cinema world. He has worked in many great films. Not only this, he has also worked with many veteran actors of Bollywood. The magic of Rekha’s beauty and acting continues in the industry even today. The popularity that Rekha got from her films. That’s what he got from his personal life. Rekha’s marriage and affairs have always been in the headlines. The story of Rekha’s relationship with actor Amitabh Bachchan is heard even today. Today we are going to tell you an anecdote about Rekha’s marriage with actor Vinod Mehra.

Actor suffered heart attack after first marriage

Actor Vinod Mehra was a famous actor of his time. He made his film debut from the year 1958 with the film Ragini. After which he made his name in the industry by working in films like Amar Prem, Anurag, Kunwara Baap and Lal Patthar. Vinod Mehra was such a good actor. He was such a good son too. Vinod Mehra loved his mother very much.

At that time Vinod Mehra’s career was at a height. At the same time his mother got him married to Mina Broca. After some time of marriage Vinod Mehra suffered a heart attack. He was cured of this disease, but his marriage broke up.

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Second marriage actress Bindiya Goswami

After the breakup of the first marriage, Vinod Mehra married actress Bindiya Goswami after some time. But this marriage of Vinod Mehra also did not last long. Shortly after marriage, Bindiya married film director JP Dutta.

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Vinod Mehra secretly married with Rekha

Two such marriages of Vinod Mehra broke down. After which Vinod Mehra’s heart fell on the actress line. The news of the affair of both of them heated up the market of headlines. According to the book ‘Rekha: An Untold Story’ by famous author Yasir Usman, Vinod Mehra married Rekha in a temple in Kolkata. After marriage, when Vinod Mehra took Rekha to his house, his mother Kamala Mehra was furious to see him. Vinod Mehra’s mother could never accept Rekha as a daughter-in-law. It is said that when Rekha went to touch Vinod Mehra’s mother’s feet, he pushed her.

Kamala Mehra abused Rekha

Not only this, Vinod Mehra’s mother did not accept Rekha and did not even allow her to enter her house. Kamala Mehra not only pushed Rekha, but also told a lot of abuses and lies. Vinod Mehra asked Rekha to go back home at that time. After which he ended all relations with the actress. By the way, Rekha and Vinod Mehra never accepted their relationship.

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