Repairing the new Apple TV remote is harder than simply unscrewing it

Repairing the new Apple TV remote is harder than simply unscrewing it
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Repairing the new Apple TV remote is harder than simply unscrewing it

Repairing the new Apple TV remote is harder than simply unscrewing it

Apple, an organization infamous for making its merchandise troublesome to restore, has given us an actual head-scratcher of a restore scenario with its next-generation streaming remote.

At difficulty listed below are a pair of screws that would seem to make restore semi-straightforward however completely don’t. iFixit tore down the second-generation Siri Remote, which is able to ship with the newest Apple TV 4K streaming field, and located that these two screws on the outdoors of the remote do principally nothing. Don’t, in different phrases, count on to have the ability to repair your new remote or its battery simply.

First off, Apple’s new wand encompasses a one-piece aluminum outer casing design — which means that whereas minimal and fairly, this factor was most likely already going to show troublesome to tinker with. You would possibly assume, due to this fact, {that a} pair of tiny screws at the backside of the remote close to its charging port would supply quick access to the factor almost certainly to have to be repaired on this remote: the battery. You’ll be unsuitable.


The earlier technology of Siri Remote (left) proven subsequent to the newer remote (proper). The newer remote has two tiny screws at the backside. They do nothing.
Picture by Chris Welch / GadgetClock

As a substitute, iFixit’s video teardown indicated that the tiny plate that covers its Lightning port — one other Siri Remote sin, if I’m being trustworthy — successfully goes nowhere. To get inside the remote, iFixit wanted to make use of a handful of specialised instruments to pop off the buttons on the remote, take away extra tiny screws and tiny part components, wriggle the remote’s inside body out of its aluminum shell, unscrew the logic board from the remote’s skeleton, and at last, come out the 1.52Wh battery. Oh, and its cables are soldered along with these of the Lightning port, making DIY repairs all the harder.

Is the lack of easy repairability on the next-generation Siri Remote completely shocking? Properly, no. After all not. Repairing the first-generation Siri wand was equally a complete total factor. Apple is additionally infamous for lobbying in opposition to right-to-repair laws, has been proven to be internally conflicted about its personal place on the matter, and has used bad-faith arguments to protect itself from criticism about how troublesome its merchandise are to repair, notably the place it pertains to proprietary part components and restore directions.

However for a remote with a chargeable battery, Apple positive makes it troublesome to really get in there and entry one among the issues almost certainly to wish alternative down the highway. And tricking us with a pair of screws that do little for repairability doesn’t precisely curry favor on the restore entrance, both.

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