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Resident Evil Village mod makes Lady Dimitrescu even taller

Resident Evil Village mod makes Lady Dimitrescu even taller
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Resident Evil Village mod makes Lady Dimitrescu even taller

One among 2021’s most well-liked online game characters, Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Sinister Village, has significantly of a cult following everywhere in the achieve. In consequence, doubtlessly essentially the most in type mod to hit the Resident Sinister Village neighborhood makes the 9 foot 6 inches mountainous vampire girl even taller, making her extra menacing than she already is. Whereas not an enormous gameplay overhaul, the alternate makes for a extra scary journey whereas trying to hurry Lady Dimitrescu in her fortress.

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Modder makes scary Resident Sinister Village’s Lady Dimitrescu even taller


Developed by modder xRaq, the ‘Taller Lady Dimitrescu’ mod shall be came across over on nexusmods. The develop in peak locations Lady Dimitrescu’s peak above her default 9 foot 6 value and legitimate under a chandelier at Fortress Dimitrescu.

The maker of the mod has acknowledged that the mod is not of route final and owing to the giantess’ dimension, she does clip through doorways and ceilings at apparent areas of the fortress.

The developer of the mod has confirmed that it’s love minded with barely only a few look mods for Lady Dimitrescu, so avid players do not want to scare about breaking their sport.


Conversely, xRaq has moreover developed a “usual peak” Lady Dimitrescu mod for Resident Sinister Village that reduces Lady Dimitrescu’s peak to fabricate her legitimate a pair inches taller than Ethan himself. Avid gamers can salvage their fingers on this mod legitimate right here.

With Resident Sinister Village supply over 4 million copies inside a month of its originate, it has solidified itself as one among the many strongest entries to the Resident Sinister franchise and has ensured the longevity of the franchise for a pair extra sequels not lower than.

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