Resident Evil Village player smacks Lady Dimitrescu, and hilarity ensues

Resident Evil Village player smacks Lady Dimitrescu, and hilarity ensues

Lady Dimitrescu is the primary boss battle in Resident Deplorable Village. Regardless of the sport being fairly new, avid gamers personal already began making humorous films in it. Before attractive in a battle with Lady Dimitrescu, one player went the extra mile making an attempt to ‘spank’ her.

Although the incident did not stop favorably for the player, it modified into as soon as a humorous incident. The avid gamers bought a cruise swatter from someplace, which they feeble to spank the boss.

Resident Deplorable Village player spanks Lady Dimitrescu


As seen within the video above, the player spanks Lady Dimitrescu with the cruise swatter. She would not make the most of too devoted and turns to the player, killing them together with her extended and attention-grabbing fingers.

Throughout the sport, Lady Dimitrescu is the comfort nevertheless girl-love. She’s the primary boss that avid gamers stumble upon within the sport. Although she could possibly perchance not be as refined because the bosses that observe subsequent, she is full of life to beat at elevated difficulties.

The battle happens in two phases. The primary stage is excessive up on the ramparts of the fortress. Avid gamers can flee round these ramparts to deal with away from her assaults whereas landing hits on her extinct stage.

The 2nd stage happens after the player will get cornered on one among the spires on high of the fortress. This stage of the battle is an entire slugfest, and it is uncomplicated if avid gamers are armed with a shotgun. All they have to stop is empty all of their shotgun shells into the extinct fragment of Lady Dimitrescu, and this battle is over in Resident Deplorable Village.

Avid gamers should again in suggestions that ammo is essential on this battle. Be armed neatly to fabricate this battle a brief and fast one. Avid gamers additionally bag a chance to stock up on ammo earlier than the 2nd stage of the battle begins in Resident Deplorable Village.

Having talked about that, she shall be an easy boss to make the most of down in a battle, nevertheless the player who sneaked up on Lady Dimitrescu deserved to die in Resident Deplorable Village. The player had it coming with such an act.