Reuse of already transplanted organs

Reuse of already transplanted organs
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Reuse of already transplanted organs

Reuse of already transplanted organs

New Delhi
Doctors in India have performed a miracle that has never happened before in the country. It is a miracle that a liver that has already been transplanted has been successfully transplanted into another patient. Such transplants are extremely rare in the world. The 54-year-old Delhi man with the liver transplant is stable, but doctors are constantly monitoring him.

A 44-year-old woman from Gurgaon died at Fortis Gurgaon on September 21. It is caused by intracranial hemorrhage. She too had been suffering from high blood pressure for many days. The family donated all his organs, including the liver and kidneys, to save the lives of others. The next day, on September 22, the liver was transplanted in a 53-year-old man from Gurgaon at Fortis Hospital. One week later, on September 28, the man also had intracranial bleeding. The 53-year-old also died on October 5. His family donated major organs, including the liver.

There is a long waiting list for liver transplants. But no one wanted to get this liver, which had only been transplanted once. According to Max Saket, 21 patients of the same blood group were waiting for a liver transplant but no one was ready for this liver except one.

On October 6, the same liver was transplanted to a 54-year-old man who had only had one transplant. In fact, the risk of rejection of an organ transplant that has already been transplanted increases. So the next few days are going to be extremely important for the patient. In this case, the person who performed the first liver transplant died of a donor-like brain hemorrhage, so it is very important to monitor the patient. The good thing is that to date the patient has not had to face any problems.

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