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Here’s What No One Tells You About Richest Noob In Free Fire. Who is the richest Noob on Free Fire?

After reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire. When we talk about Battle Royal sorts, Garena Free Fire makes it to the beat of the list of best Battle Royal Games. Free fire gamers have been cashing out a parcel just by playing this astonishing game. Free Fire has been one of the foremost prevalent Battle Royale games since PUBG Portable was prohibited from the Indian servers.

after reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire.
after reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire could be a well-known fight royale game for iOS and Android users. It is comparative to games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, and has overseen to form a specialty of its own. Garena Free Fire right now has over 500 million downloads on Android alone. Free Fire may be a greatly prevalent battle royale game. The game highlights a few interesting characteristics that make it stand out among the other BR titles. One of these highlights is the special characters with changed capacities. As of now, the game includes an add up to 35 characters.

With more than 5 core players and counting, India is one of the nations with the foremost number of Free Fire players within the world. Being considered the world’s no.1 noob game for players of all ages, Free Fire draws in a lot of noob and rich players who never mind saving their cash on purchasing the most smoking things. In the event that you don’t know who the richest noob in Free Fire is, let’s discover out more curious data about him today under this article. Let’s know who he/she is, what is the noob’s username in Free Fire & much more about the game.

Who is the richest noob in the game Free Fire?

Over the past few a long time, mobile gaming has bloomed over India and Youtube is no question the promising arrives for game streamers. There are numerous popular and rich Free Fire gamers and streamers who have collected millions of supporters. A few of them are masters, a few are noobs, but they all oversee to be well known and celebrated in their claim ways.

However, when it comes to the richest noob player in Free Fire, Lokesh Gamer is the foremost celebrated additionally the richest one. Not at all like other Free Fire content makers, Lokesh Gamer does not center on streaming gameplay. He picks up the reputation for investing lakhs of diamonds on Free Fire occasions to urge all of the select and limited things.

This fight royale game has more than 40 characters with great capacities and advantages. Lokesh Gamer who is recognized as the Indian Richest Noob in the game, Free Fire, also has another channel named “LR7 gaming”. This particular channel was begun afterward in 2018.

What’s the reason that Lokesh Gamer is known as the Richest Noob in Free fire?

Free Fire is 10 minutes game where 50 players are dropped on a Remote Island and players compete against each other. Free fire uses Codashop and Game Kharido to Purchase Diamonds in Free Fire. The player who survives till the Final zone and is able to Murder the Final Enemy is considered as Winner.

Game Kharido
Game Kharido

Wining in Free fire requires incredible strategic Knowledge, a strong squad (Teammates) with incredible communication, and a Gaming Skill. The Players have to Search for Weapons, Stay in-play zone and Loot enemies, survive till the last. The Player who can monotonously do it is considered a Professional (Proficient) Player.

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Lokesh Gamer is known for his lack of Game Sense and Game Information. He lacks the gaming expertise which is required to be a Master Player. As numerous of the group of onlookers has seen his gameplay and seen his gameplay is most exceedingly bad than a Silver Society player, He has truly no experience/knowledge of the game, He without knowing the area of Enemy surges into the House, and Gets murdered, He monotonously does same mistakes without any progress his expertise set and game sense. But He isn’t embarrassed about being Called NOOB because knows he isn’t great at it. He uploads his Videos’ with the caption “Richest Noob in Free fire”.

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Richest noob in free fire – Lokesh’s stats

Squad Mode

Team Name Team HIND
Role in Team Leader
Squad Matches 3379 matches played in which Won 718 matches
Win Ratio 37%
Total Kills 6269
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 2.36%

Duo Mode

Duo Matches 1529 matches played in which Won 152 matches
Win Ratio 28%
Total Kills 2583
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 1.88%

Solo Mode

Single Matches 1287 matches played in which Won 137 matches
Win Ratio 37%
Total Kills 2660
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 2.32%

Youtube channel link for the richest noob in free fire is given below: https://www.youtube.com/c/LOKESHGAMER

Go and check out the richest noob, Lokesh’s YouTube channel to know more about his gaming skills via his videos.

Richest Noob in Free fire – FAQs

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