Saif Ali Khan Five Big Controversies

Saif Ali Khan Five Big Controversies
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Saif Ali Khan Five Big Controversies

Saif Ali Khan Five Big Controversies

New Delhi. Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is in the news these days for his upcoming film Bhoot Poster. Saif was embroiled in controversies as soon as the poster was released. People trolled Saif saying that he has insulted Hinduism. By the way, Saif has been caught in many such issues even before this. Let us tell you 5 big issues related to Saif Ali Khan on which he was trolled a lot.


Saif Ali Khan embroiled in controversy over the poster of ‘Bhoot Police’

Let’s start with the poster of Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming film ‘Bhoot Police’. In this poster, Saif Ali Khan is seen in a very dreadful style. Saif has a weapon in his hand and pictures of some sadhus remain behind. After seeing the background, it is being said that this is an insult to Hindutva.

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Controversial statement was given regarding abduction of Sita

Recently Saif Ali Khan gave an interview to a famous magazine. In which he talked about his upcoming film ‘Adipurush’. Saif had talked about showing the human side of Ravana in the film Adi Purush. In which Ravana will be seen proving the decision to kidnap Sita right. This statement of Saif had put him in controversies. There was a lot of condemnation of Saif everywhere.

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Questions raised on Saif’s age after getting the vaccine

When the corona virus vaccine started in India, many celebs started getting the vaccine. It also featured Saif Ali Khan. When Saif came out of the center after getting the vaccine, his picture became viral. After which questions started arising on his age.


Trolls got trolled for saying something about India

Saif Ali Khan has also been trolled for his film Tanaji. When the question was asked about the background of Tanaji’s polarization. Then he replied that ‘there was no concept of India before the British.’


Trolls for naming son Taimur

Saif Ali Khan has become the father of the second son on 21 February 2021. Saif and Kareena have been in the news for the name of the child only after the birth of their son. When Saif named his eldest son Taimur. Then Saif was trolled a lot. Let us tell you that Timur was the founder and ruler of the Timurid Empire of Persia and Central Asia. In 1398 he attacked India.

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