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‘Saina’ is a sports drama film. It’s a biopic. The story of Saina Nehwal who raised the name of the country in the world of badminton. The film is about the ups and downs of his life, his struggles and overcoming all the difficulties to become the No. 1 player in the world. The film is a tribute to Saina Nehwal.

No winner reaches the top overnight. Champions are made. They burn in the fire and shine like gold. Also there is Saina Nehwal. Saina is the daughter of Usha and Harveer Singh Nehwal, who live in Haryana. The couple’s girlfriend Saina made history in 2015 after settling in Hyderabad from Haryana. She became the first female badminton player to be ranked No. 1 in the world. She became the second player after Prakash Padukone to do so. Saina is just 31 years old. If you are familiar with sports faith then surely you know a lot about Saina Nehwal. Her performance, her struggles, her coach Pullela Gopichand and even a girl from a middle class family made her parents ’dream come true. It is said that every story has something to say. When Saina was once seriously injured, her mother told her, ‘You are Saina Nehwal. You are a lioness, don’t let the world and the media think any more. Self-delusion is the greatest enemy. Do not leave doubts in your mind. ‘She is the mother whose ambition makes her the No. 1 girl in the world. This is the beginning of Saina. A mother who is optimistic and this hope is useful to Saina. Most sports drama films tell a simple story, mostly characteristic. Thus born, then raised, then trained and then conquered. Amol Gupte has also kept his film simple. The film does not even attempt to touch on the controversy surrounding Saina’s alleged rival PV Sindhu. Nowhere in the film is there any mention of PV Sindhu. Apparently the director also wanted to avoid controversy. This film is the story of Saina’s life. An attempt has been made to see this story painted in the colors of patriotism. Imagination plays an important role in the film. In such a situation, there are so many scenes that you can’t tell by looking at them that it actually happened. Like in one scene, a mother slaps her 12-year-old daughter because she is happy to get a runner medal. The father immediately explains to him why it is important to win. Parents want to fulfill their dreams through children and it all seems to be a hoax. Saina’s character struggle is not shown to you in the film. Nor has his victory been shown to be divine. Amol Gupte has tried to show through a simple story that Saina has been doing her job as a player recently. She went on to play. The hardest thing about a simple story is that it has little to do with entertainment and engaging the audience. But despite this, Amol Gupte has succeeded. The director has done a great job with the children in the film. In particular, 10-year-old Nisha Kaur from Mumbai, who is playing the role of Young Sania, has been seen tuning in nicely with her. Nisha Kaur’s performance in the film is interesting. Not only does she give a true glimpse of young Sania, but her sportsmanship also stands out on the screen. In the case of Parineeti Chopra, playing the role of badminton champion was definitely a difficult task for her. This is because he got very little time from learning the technique of the game to the rest of the training. In such a situation this deficiency appears in his eyes on many occasions. Parineeti has done a great job in a sense. This is to physically push me into this character. The most difficult task for Amol Gupte is to make Saina Nehwal’s story interesting in a simple way, as there are no special arguments attached to Saina’s life and her life has also become transparent. There wasn’t much conflict in Saina’s story, which spread around the world, as her parents were very reassuring parents. There is also a loving sister, a large group of friends and a husband (Parupalli Kashyap) who continues to be a cheerleader for Saina. Saina grew up as a winner from a young age. He has no such struggle in such a situation, which touches the heart of the audience. However, Amol Gupte constantly tries to portray Saina as a ‘lioness’ throughout the film. There is a good story about ‘Poster Girl of India’ for her badminton film. There is no doubt that this film could have been more memorable. But it seems less so with a sense of motivating young people.

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