Satellite Photos Show China Expanding Its Mysterious Desert Airbase

Satellite Photos Show China Expanding Its Mysterious Desert Airbase
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Satellite Photos Show China Expanding Its Mysterious Desert Airbase

Satellite Photos Show China Expanding Its Mysterious Desert Airbase

The work has been started to develop the airbase at this place, known as Area-51 in Lop Nur, China. This will be for military space activities.

New Delhi. China is rapidly developing a secret airbase at Lop Noor, located just 1300 km from Leh Air Base in India. It has been named Area-51 of China. The information here has been kept very confidential till now. Like Area 51, America’s top secret place, China is also running its own secret program.

information from satellite images

America’s NGO Media Organization NPR has made this claim on the basis of satellite images of Maxar Technologies. Information has been received from these pictures that China was engaged in preparing this airbase since 2016. Experts say that China is preparing a plan to increase military space activities from this airbase.

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These pictures show that China has started redeveloping this airbase that has been deserted for years. The airstrip of this base has been lengthened. A big ship or spaceship can be easily landed on it.

China is developing the airbase rapidly

More than a dozen buildings are seen built around this airstrip of Lop Noor. Till now the house and other facilities were not found at this secret airbase. Lop Nur has also been China’s old nuclear test site. Many experts claim that in the year 2020, China had landed a highly classified space plane on this airbase.

for military space activities

Ankit Panda, a senior expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, says he believes the airbase is important for China’s military space activities. Now China is engaged in increasing it rapidly. Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Center for Astrophysics Harvard and the Smithsonian, says that this air strip is being prepared to send humans into space.

China is going to do something big

Apart from the landing of a Chinese space plane in September last year, no significant activity was seen on this runway. There is a possibility that the buildings here will be temporary accommodation for the personnel of the Chinese Air Force. But now seeing the increasing activities at the airbase, it is being speculated that China is going to do something big here.

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What is America’s Area-51

It is said about Area 51 that the US government has kept aliens (alien life) hidden here. But how much truth is there in this, there is no concrete information about it so far. At first the US government denied the existence of Area 51, but later accepted it. The US government has imposed restrictions on the movement of common people in the area of ​​Area-51.

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