‘Saturday Night Live’ returns with new President Biden

‘Saturday Night Live’ returns with new President Biden
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‘Saturday Night Live’ returns with new President Biden

‘Saturday Night Live’ returns with new President Biden

It’s a new season of “Saturday Night Live,” which means new cast members — and, unsurprisingly, a new cast on the show playing President Biden in its first episode.

You’ll remember, “SNL” didn’t have the easiest time finding a Biden impersonation last season: It relied on guest star Jim Carrey to fill that role during the 2020 presidential election, but with no major impact, and carrie announced that he is leaving the show after the planned six weeks.

Mantle was then given to cast member Alex Moffatt, who appeared only as Biden during the rest of the season, leading to some criticism that “SNL” was pulling its punches at the 46th president.

Enter new cast member James Austin Johnson, a comedian whose recruitment as an “SNL” featured player was announced last Monday, and who is perhaps better known for the viral video in which he impersonates former President Donald J. did.

Most “SNL” rookies can expect, at best, a line in their first appearance. But Johnson was front and center on the show’s cold open this weekend, playing President Biden as he caught up with the nation on recent events and tried to get Democrats to a deal on his domestic agenda.

“what’s Cooking?” Johnson asked. “What’s good? How was everyone’s summer? Mine was bad. Cuomo isn’t bad but Afghanistan is certainly not good.”

Johnson continued, “Everyone keeps telling me about that drone attack. But on the bright side, I went through the whole summer without falling down the stairs once.”

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He said, “And hey, Broadway’s back. It’s exciting, isn’t it? The Taliban is like that. So, win some, lose some.”

Early sketches also shed light on some “SNL” veterans who weren’t sure they’d be back on the show this year, including Cecily Strong, who appeared as Senator Kirsten Cinema of Arizona.

“What do I want from this bill?” asked vigorously. “I’ll never tell. ‘Cause I didn’t come to Congress to make friends. And so far, mission accomplished.”

Eddie Bryant, another cast member whose return to the show was uncertain, appeared as Senator Joe Manchin: “I’m a Democrat from West Virginia,” she said. “If I vote for electric cars, they’ll kill me.”

Iago Nvodim played Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar (“Thank you, Joe, for not calling me Kamala”) and Melissa Villasenor played New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who identified herself as “the Cruella of the Met Gala”. .

Villaseor said, “I wore a dress that said ‘Tax the rich’. Then spent all night partying with the rich. Oops.”

Pete Davidson was back as former New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo, attempting to make peace within the Democratic Party: “We’re like one big Italian family,” Davidson said. “And you know what Italians love to do? Hug, kiss and run your fingers on each other’s backs.”

And for good measure, Moffat turned up in this sketch as well—this time in his recurring role as New York Senator Chuck Schumer. “You can miss me,” he said. “but you not.”

We’re not entirely sure why this segment of Jeff Bezos’ summer living in the close reaches of space was framed as a send-up to “Star Trek.” But it did give guest host Owen Wilson a good excuse to play a particularly carefree, cowboy-hating Bezos alongside his real-life brother Luke Wilson, who plays Bezos’ younger brother and fellow astronaut Mark Bezos. appeared in.

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Mickey Day came on to play one-time “SNL” host Elon Musk and deliver this ultimatum: “Space is only big enough for a weird white billionaire. So you can say it’s mine to beat you up.” Chieftain Objective.”

At the Weekend Update desk, anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che gush over the start of the new season and President Biden’s stalled infrastructure bill.

Davidson last appeared on the Weekend Update desk in May, looking like he was saying goodbye to “SNL” altogether, telling viewers, “It’s an honor to grow up in front of you guys, Thank you so.”

But no: He was back this season and back on Weekend Update, mostly to mock his own costume at the Met Gala in September. (“I look like James Bond in his Quinceanera.” “I wonder if one in three blind rats sold fentanyl.” “I look like Tilda Swinton on casual Fridays.”)

As if to confirm that we didn’t hallucinate in his final monologue, Davidson ended it by shouting, “I can’t believe I’m back!”

Weekend Update was also where “SNL” paid tribute this week to Norm MacDonald, the segment’s former anchor (from 1994 to 1997), who died last month at the age of 61. Jost said that McDonald’s “is the reason I ever wanted to do Weekend Update,” then offered a set of clips of McDonald, including some of his previous Weekend Update jokes:

  • “At the White House this week, President Clinton officially came out against same-sex marriage. Plus, the president said he’s not too crazy about opposite-sex marriages.

  • “In a spectacular film during the closing arguments, Simpson’s attorney Johnny Cochran wears the knit cap prosecutors say OJ wore on the night of the murders. Although OJ may have hurt his case when he suddenly said, ‘Hey ‘Hey, easy with it. That’s my lucky stabbing hat.'”

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