Scientists Surprise By Zero Covid Case In Worlds Poorest Country Niger

Scientists Surprise By Zero Covid Case In Worlds Poorest Country Niger
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Scientists Surprise By Zero Covid Case In Worlds Poorest Country Niger

Scientists Surprise By Zero Covid Case In Worlds Poorest Country Niger

The situation in a country with a population of around 23 million is much better than in many other less populated countries. WHO’s prediction turned out to be wrong.

New Delhi. Cases of corona infection have become zero in Niger, the world’s poorest country. At the same time, scientists are surprised to see the havoc of Corona in countries with less population. Due to lack of patients in Niger, the Covid wards of hospitals have been lying vacant for the past several months. This African country has forced the scientists researching the cases of corona virus to think how the epidemic is under control in this poor country.

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export of vaccine

In this country with a population of about 2.3 crores, not a single new case of corona virus has been reported for the last several days. The demand for anti-corona vaccine in Niger is negligible. For this reason, the government is exporting thousands of doses of the vaccine donated from other countries or institutions.

Only 193 deaths so far

Despite the good population, only 5573 cases of corona infection have been reported in this country so far. A total of 193 people have died due to the pandemic. The number of active cases of corona here is 109. The condition of two of these patients is said to be critical. Due to non-existent corona infection, people here are not used to wearing masks.

poorest country in the world

Niger is counted among the poorest countries in the world on the basis of Human Development Index. The list of 189 countries released by the United Nations is the 189th consecutive number. The largest country in West Africa, 80 percent of the area is part of the Sahara Desert. There is little cultivable land here.

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WHO’s fears turned out to be wrong

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations had expressed fears of widespread infection in Niger, given the high birth rate and poverty. The United Nations had feared millions of deaths due to the pandemic. But the effect of Corona was not seen on Niger at all. At the same time, the infection has wreaked havoc in other African countries. There are more cases of corona in countries with less population than Niger. More cases have been reported in Israel, Norway, Latvia, Hungary, Greece than Niger.

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