Shahrukh Khan Told Gauri To Wear Bukha-Namaz In Front Of Her Family

Shahrukh Khan Told Gauri To Wear Bukha-Namaz In Front Of Her Family
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Shahrukh Khan Told Gauri To Wear Bukha-Namaz In Front Of Her Family

Shahrukh Khan Told Gauri To Wear Bukha-Namaz In Front Of Her Family

New Delhi. Superstar Shahrukh Khan is one such actor of Bollywood who is known as Romance King. Shahrukh Khan is very romantic on the big screen as well as in real life. As we all know that Shahrukh Khan is Muslim and his wife Gauri Khan is Hindu. Shahrukh Khan had to struggle a lot to marry Gauri. After which Gauri’s family members agreed to the marriage. An issue related to the reception of the marriage of both is remembered even today. In the reception, Shah Rukh Khan openly told Gauri Khan to wear a burqa and offer Namaz. Know what is the whole matter.

Shahrukh-Gauri respect both religions

Actually, this thing is related to the reception of Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Where everyone was talking about Hindu-Muslim marriage. This made Shahrukh Khan very angry. This was disclosed by Shahrukh Khan in an interview with actress Farida Jalal. The actor told Farida Jalal ji that both Gauri and Shahrukh have great respect for each other’s religions.

Shahrukh told that during the marriage he had made a joke with Gauri’s family. Shahrukh told that Gauri’s family is a bit old fashion. They respect their religions and they also respect their faith. In the reception everyone started saying that this is a Muslim boy. So will Gauri change her name now?

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Shahrukh asked to read burqa and namaz

Shahrukh Khan said that as soon as he heard this, he immediately told Gauri to wear a burqa and offer Namaz. Also told her family members that from now on she will remain in burqa and will not go out. From today its name is Ayesha. Hearing this from Shahrukh, the whole family was shocked and upset and started thinking that this boy has changed from now on.

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Shahrukh Khan’s Dil Hai Hindustani

Shahrukh Khan wins the hearts of people with his every style. But his heart is Hindustani, this thing is liked by his fans a lot. Once Shahrukh Khan said in a reality show that he “we never talked about Hindu-Muslim. My wife is Hindu, I am Muslim and my children are Hindustan.” When the people present in the show heard this, everyone started clapping loudly for Shahrukh.

We are Indian explained to daughter Suhana

Shahrukh Khan narrated an anecdote about religion. In which he told that when Suhana was young, she had to fill a form. When it was asked to fill the release. Suhana asked him which religion is Papa. So Shahrukh explained to his daughter that we are Indians man, there should be no religion nor should there be.

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