Shamita cursed Rakesh for urinating

Shamita cursed Rakesh for urinating
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Shamita cursed Rakesh for urinating

Shamita cursed Rakesh for urinating

In ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, where there is a lot of quarreling among family members, on the other hand, Shamita Shetty is facing difficulties due to her connection being broken, namely Rakesh Bapat. Shamita feels that there is a communication gap between her and Rakesh and this causes a lot of conflict between them. Shamita talks to Rakesh Bapat about this and also shows anger that he had gone to Susu in the middle of work.

Shamita tells Rakesh that no matter what happens, he should control his sister-in-law. Even if they have to wear diapers for that. A video of Bigg Boss OTT’s live feed has been shared on the Voot app, in which Shamita Shetty tells Rakesh Bapat, ‘There is a communication gap between you and me and this is what I am trying to explain to you. . First of all, from now on, if you go to Susu in the middle of work, I swear to him …. ‘

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Rakesh laughed when he heard this and said that it is natural and he cannot control it. On this Shamita says, ‘Rakesh, you have come here only for Susu, food and sleep? Control your Susu. Put on diapers. Hearing this, Rakesh starts asking for diapers from Bigg Boss.

People are having fun, Shamita said ‘bossy’

Fans are making amazing comments after watching this video and making fun of Shamita. Some are calling Shamita ‘Bosi’ and some ‘Jnani’. At the same time, everyone is calling Rakesh Bapat as cute. We will tell you that recently a task was given to the house of ‘Bigg Boss’, which Shamita and Rakesh were going to do. During this work, Pratik Sahajpal and Zeeshan Khan had an argument. Shamita and Rakesh tried their best to stop the fight, but the situation worsened. All the family members went against Rakesh and Shamita and told them a lot.

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