Shashikala takes aiadmk

Shashikala takes aiadmk
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Shashikala takes aiadmk

Shashikala takes aiadmk

Chennai / New Delhi
AIADMK’s once powerful back room operator and former chief minister Jayalalithaa’s confidant Lieutenant VK Shashikala waited in the background for the party to take over, but she is waiting for the right time for the final attack. Due to his close relationship with Jayalalithaa, Shashikala was important in All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) politics, but now the party leadership has given him a place.

Even staunch supporters did not meet Shashikala in person. Not only that, but AIADMK did not meet him even after facing defeat in the 2021 Assembly elections. EK Palaniswami, who was selected by Shashikala and O.P. Panirselvam, against whom he was appointed as the Chief Minister after the revolt, has now become his staunch opponent and is taking all steps to stop him. He also has the support of New Delhi (BJP High Command). According to those who know him well, Shashik is down now, but she is not out.

‘Waiting for the right time to take over the party’
Padmanabhan R., a social worker and managing trustee of a socio-economic organization at the Social Research Institute in Madurai. He said, “Shashikala runs all the back rooms under the leadership of AIADMK and knows how to work. I’m sure she’s waiting for the right time to take over the party. Politics is a long game in which goals are set for the long term. Shashikala and her nephew Dinakaran Palaniswami are hoping that the corruption cases against them will gain momentum and then choose a time to strike.

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‘DMK government is cheating former CM Palaniswami’
The recent interrogation of the first accused in the Kodanad estate murder and robbery case has created a fever in the AIADMK camp. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. AIADMK leaders said that even after the chargesheet was filed, the first accused was interrogated for three hours in the presence of the Nilgiri Superintendent of Police. This step was taken with the intention of creating Palaniswami.

The houses of two leaders who were ministers in the Palaniswami government were raided.
Another factor troubling the AIADMK leadership was that two ministers in the Palaniswami cabinet, MR Vijayabhaskar and SP Velumani, were raided at their homes and other places adjacent to them. Tamil Nadu police are taking action on the complaints against him. The Palaniswami camp is of the view that, if there is any mention of the first accused in the Kodanad murder and robbery case, the Tamil Nadu police may interrogate Palaniswami and Shashik is waiting for such an opportunity to catch AIADMK.

Chinnamma is silent, aimed at political restructuring
Shashikala, who has been talking to select AIADMK activists and grassroots activists since his return from the Bangalore Central Jail, has been silent for the past few days. Sources in her camp said Chinnamma is silent and Palaniswami is waiting for her to come to her own weight. She is also aiming for a political restructuring with her one-time colleague Panirselvam.

Shashikala and Panirselvam belong to the powerful Thevar community
Keeping in mind that Shashikala and Panirselvam both belong to the powerful Thevar community and this can create unity among them. However, for such a relationship to take place, Palaniswami must be charged and the DMK government must take action against him. With the BJP backing Palaniswami at the Center, the AIADMK leadership is hoping that the DMK government cannot take action against the former chief minister without getting proper evidence. Shashikala and her colleagues are hoping that if the DMK government takes some action against the BJP leadership at the Center, including Palaniswami, the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister, there may be no moral basis for weight gain.

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