Shortage Of Semiconductor Chip Impacts Production Of Car Devices Gadge

Shortage Of Semiconductor Chip Impacts Production Of Car Devices Gadge
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Shortage Of Semiconductor Chip Impacts Production Of Car Devices Gadge

Shortage Of Semiconductor Chip Impacts Production Of Car Devices Gadge

According to experts, if this situation continues, then companies around the world may lose millions of dollars and there may be a risk of increasing the price of electronic devices and gadgets like smartphones, TVs, home appliances etc.

New Delhi. In today’s technological age, everything rests on electronics engineering. Due to the shortage of semiconductor chips available in the market in the price of one dollar to five dollars, companies around the world are losing millions of dollars globally. Due to the shortage of these semiconductor chips, smaller than a coin, the production of companies has been affected. This chip is used in everything from smartphones and TVs to cars. According to statistics, currently the tech industry of about $3 trillion depends on these chips. In about 169 types of industries, production has come down due to shortage of these chips.

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What is semiconductor chip
These can be considered really small transistors. These can be made on silicon with the help of various metals. Through these, automatic work can be done by giving any desired command to any device. They are used from making TV remotes to making dash boards of cars. They are most commonly used to make smartphones, home appliances, electronic devices, gadgets and automatic devices.

because of this reduction
The raw material for making these semiconductor chips used in electronic engineering comes from Japan and Mexico. After this these chips are prepared in various countries including America and China from this raw material. But due to the Corona epidemic, production has slowed down for a long time, due to which there is a problem of chip shortage globally. Due to work from home, the demand for other electronic devices including smartphones, laptops, modems has increased a lot.

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Big impact on smartphones, TVs and electronic devices
Apple and Samsung, the world’s top two smartphone makers, have said that the demand for their smartphones is not being met due to chip shortage. Several companies, including Samsung, which makes electronic gadgets and devices, have said that lack of semiconductor chips has had a negative impact on their appliance production. According to experts, if this situation continues for a long time, then soon the prices of electronic devices as well as consumer goods may increase.

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There was also a negative impact on the automobile industry
In today’s era of increasing automation, the automobile industry has become completely dependent on these semiconductor chips. Due to the lack of chips, the production of car companies has come to a standstill. In the last few months, not only indigenous car makers like Mahindra, Tata but also companies like Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan and Renault have been hit hard and production has come down.

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