Side Effects of Mangoes

Side Effects of Mangoes
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Side Effects of Mangoes

Side Effects of Mangoes

Side effects of Mangoes: Mango is not just called the king of fruits. People are very fond of this fruit coming in the summer season. There are many types of mangoes available in the market in India, but some of the most famous ones are Alphonso, Dussehri, Langra, Chausa, Totapuri. Eat any variety of mango, it is packed with vitamins and nutrients. In particular, it is considered an excellent source of vitamin A.

New Delhi. Mango season is going on nowadays and who doesn’t like mango, the king of fruits? As soon as summer comes, people bring mangoes of their choice from the market and eat them with passion. Mango is not only great in taste, but it is also considered a good fruit for health. Mango is such a fruit, which is generally liked by everyone, but many people avoid eating mangoes just because eating mangoes leads to weight gain. Mango contains minerals like fiber, vitamin C, copper, folate, vitamins A, E, B-5, K and B-6, potassium, magnesium, manganese. Mango should be eaten with a little care where mango is beneficial, while eating it in excess can also give harm. Let us know what are the side effects of eating mangoes.

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take care with diabetes

If you want to eat mango, then eat mango slices. Instead of drinking mango juice, mango milkshake or aamras, you should eat mango by cutting it. With this, you will get the benefit of the fiber present in mango. In fact, fiber slowly releases glucose into the nerves. Due to this, the blood sugar level does not rise rapidly.

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risk of abscess

The taste of mango is very hot. That’s why boils and pimples appear on the face. Eating more mango can also stain the beauty of your face. Nowadays, mangoes are cooked by chemicals, so the reason for the rash on the body can also be the side effects of the chemical.


ringworm, itching and itching

It is said that mangoes should be soaked in water for 2-3 hours before eating. So that its effect cools down a bit and the sticky liquid on it also gets washed away. This fluid causes ringworm, itching and itching. Therefore, before eating mango, wash it or keep it soaked in water.

stomach upset may occur

The sweeter the mango is in eating, the more hot it is. Mango is high in fiber, which can cause complaints of diarrhea and abdominal pain.

may gain weight

About 150 calories are found in a medium sized mango. If you eat more mangoes than you need, then you may gain weight, but consuming one mango in the morning and evening breakfast cannot cause weight gain.

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