Social capital: What is social capital?

Social capital: What is social capital?
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Social capital: What is social capital?

Social capital: What is social capital?

What is social capital?
Social capital represents a positive product of human communication. Positive results can be tangible or intangible and can include useful information, innovative ideas and future opportunities. It can be used to describe the contribution to the success of an organization that can be attributed to personal relationships and networks, both inside and outside the organization. It can be used to define personal relationships in a company that helps build trust and respect among employees, which leads to better performance of the company.

Social capital is a set of shared values ​​that enables individuals to work together to achieve a common goal.

The term is commonly used to describe how members can stay together in harmony.

In business, shared capital can contribute to a company’s success by building shared values ​​and mutual respect.

– Social capital can deceive people and destroy businesses, such as drug cartels and corporations that come together to overcome competition.

Understanding social capital
Social capital enables a group of people to work together to effectively achieve a common goal or goal. It allows a society or organization such as a corporation or non-profit to work together through an entirely trusted and shared identity, norms, values ​​and interrelationships. Simply put, social capital benefits the whole society through social interaction. The study of how social capital works or fails to function is widespread in social studies.

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