Social media platforms spread misinformation: Joe Biden

Social media platforms spread misinformation: Joe Biden
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Social media platforms spread misinformation: Joe Biden

Social media platforms spread misinformation: Joe Biden

This statement of US President Joe Biden on social media platforms comes after Indian-origin Dr. Vivek Murthy’s statement in which he urged these social media to make meaningful efforts to stop the false and misleading news spreading on it. said.

New Delhi. During the Corona epidemic, there were constant misleading news on social media platforms. While some people were misleading about the vaccine, some were misleading by telling different types of treatment of corona. Such news took many lives. Social media is not effectively controlled by the government, due to which it is also very difficult to stop these news. In view of this, the President of America has given a statement and has told social media to kill people.

Biden’s statement came after Dr. Vivek Murthy said that misinformation about the vaccine is fatal and such information can influence people to get the vaccine. American health officials are constantly telling people about the vaccine that after getting the vaccine, it will go a long way in avoiding the epidemic, but various types of misinformation on social media platforms in the minds of people are stopping this mission of the vaccine.

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Biden’s allegation

When Joe Biden was asked that you want to say something about the misleading news spreading on social media. After this, Biden clearly said, “They are killing people. We have a corona epidemic spreading among those people who are not getting the vaccine.” Earlier Dr. Vivek Murthy had said that the misinformation being spread on social media spreads very fast and it becomes very difficult to clear them by paying attention to all those news.

Dr. Murthy of Indian origin holds an important position in the Biden government. Therefore, while communicating in the White House, he described social media platforms as having a great responsibility and made a statement that these companies should keep on building good software so that they keep from spreading false and misleading information.

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Facebook responds to Biden

Responding to these allegations, Facebook spokesperson Deni Liver said that these allegations against us cannot scare us. We know what we are doing. More than 2 billion people have seen authentic information related to corona on our platforms, which is more than any other platforms and in the US, more than 33 lakh people have taken the help of our tool in which it is told that the vaccine Where and how can it be installed?

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