Some Shows and Movies Pakistani Cinema Totally Copied From Bollywood

Some Shows and Movies Pakistani Cinema Totally Copied From Bollywood
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Some Shows and Movies Pakistani Cinema Totally Copied From Bollywood

Some Shows and Movies Pakistani Cinema Totally Copied From Bollywood

Mumbai. Lollywood, whose many actors have worked in Bollywood, are famous in Pakistan as well as in India. There are many stars like Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, whose fans will be found in India more than in Pakistan. We not only share the border with Pakistan, but our food, drink, culture, language of speech is also very much around. We watch each other’s shows, listen to songs and follow them.

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Pakistani singer like Atif Aslam who has sung many songs in Bollywood movies and his songs are as famous in India as they are in Pakistan. But do you know that they not only work in Bollywood but also copy the content here, if you do not know then we tell you.

1. Iztraab is copied from We Are Family

One of the popular Pakistani show Izterab in which we see how a man lives with two wives. Its content is very similar to the Bollywood movie VR Family.

2 . Dil Banjara has been copied from Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge

A girl from an old ideological family who goes on a foreign trip and falls in love abroad even though she is engaged to someone else. This is the story of Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge, but in Pakistan too, a show was made, whose story was the same, only the name was different “Dil Banjara”.

3. Love is your goodbye, has been copied from separation

This story is about a woman who, in the greed of fulfilling her dreams, hands over her husband to a rich woman. As soon as this show came to Pakistan, people understood that it has been copied from Bollywood movie Judaai.

4. No one has copied you alone, we alone from you

The show revolves around a love couple. In which couples get divorced due to non-fulfilment of family responsibilities and daily expenses. This show from Pakistan also seems to be copied from.

5. Hamida is copied from the word

Vachan is considered a popular movie of India. This movie came out in 1955 in which a woman leaves her love behind family and responsibilities. Then the same story came to Pakistan in 1956, which was named Hamida.

6. The child has been copied from the servant

Aulaad (1955), directed by Mohan Sehgal, is a story revolving around a family. A year later, the movie Naukri came in Pakistan, which was considered a remake of Aulad.

7. Chana Jor Hot has been copied from Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Chana Jor Garam is also considered a remake of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. There is a daughter-in-law in which her mother-in-law keeps taunting her all the time. There is also a character like Roses who likes to listen to Sher and Ghazals.

8. Earth the Destination has been copied by meaning

Like its title, the entire content has also been copied in it. Although he also gave credit to Mahesh Bhatt.

9. Scream has been copied from Damini

A woman fighting with her family is shown standing up for her cause and seeking justice, the story of Cheek is almost the same.

10. Nazo is copied from Barfi

In the life of a girl suffering from mental illness, finally a caretaker comes to her. This movie of Priyanka Chopra was a hit and people also praised it. A few days later, Nazo arrives in Pakistan, which is similar to Barfi and also depicts a girl with curly hair.

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