Something in the Rain, perils of a young woman in Asian society, and a love like sudden showers

Something in the Rain, perils of a young woman in Asian society, and a love like sudden showers
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Something in the Rain, perils of a young woman in Asian society, and a love like sudden showers

Motion photos and presentations, faded and new, hang helped us to are living vicariously via them. They’ve allowed us to commute all over the place at a time borders are shut and of us are restricted to properties. In our new column What’s In A Setting, we explore the inseparable association of a legend with its setting, how the positioning complements the legend, and how these cultural dwelling windows to the area hang helped develop our creativeness.


When I first watched Something within the Rain in 2018, I needed for a admire admire Joon-hee’s (performed by a disarmingly charming Jung Hae-in). Minute did I know then that in three years, I’d no longer correct gain it however rep him to search the thunder to expose him how he makes me feel. Now that I explore back at how I met him and how all of it took position, I will be succesful to’t back however wonder if I subconsciously willed all of it into existence as I quietly watched the Netflix series night after night when the going purchased too nerve-racking.

With a large series of feminine celebrities relationship (and getting married to) men loads of years youthful than them, romances between older ladies folks and youthful men hang stumbled on their draw into mainstream discourse. Nonetheless such relationships are yet to search out favour among the genteel, repute-cautious bourgeois, notably in Asian international locations admire India and South Korea. Funnily, it’s no longer correct the contributors, grandparents, aunties, and uncles that mind. I as soon as instructed my youthful brother a pair of man I met on a day out to the mountains. Since he used to be loads of years my junior, my brother laughed and known as me a “cougar.” Till then, I didn’t know what the note supposed. My sibling used to be form ample to display. When I requested him if there used to be an identical timeframe for men who admire youthful ladies folks, he didn’t know.

It’s uncanny how loads of threads of Jin-ah’s (performed with commendable restraint and maturity by Son Ye-jin) life intertwine with my possess. Any working Asian woman who’s 26 or older and tranquil single would thunder. The listing of her day-to-day struggles is nothing out of the long-established. It is stuffed with the regulars — the stress to rep married to somebody of spectacular social standing, nagging folks (one amongst them is at all times sympathetic despite the indisputable truth that; in Jin-ah’s case, it’s her father, in mine, it’s my mum), office harassment, girlfriends as discontinuance as sisters, and discovering admire where you least ask it after you’ve given up all hope.

Something in the Rain perils of a young woman in Asian society and a love like sudden showers

A tranquil from Something in The Rain. Courtesy of JTBC/Netflix

Something within the Rain could well maybe maybe with out complications had been a banal admire legend. It has the entire long-established tropes — ravishing leads, dreamy cinematography, inconceivable music, and a legend that you’ve heard, watched or read loads of times. On the different hand, it’s the rest however hackneyed. In its depiction of Jin-ah and Joon-hee’s romance, the thunder explores the original however thorny topics of societal hypocrisies, parental boundaries, position of job politics, day to day sexism, and heartbreak. And it does all of this with such detail, sensitivity, and honesty, that the legend informs the viewer of the South Korean daily life.

In most Asian communities, within the event you don’t rep married by a definite age, your folks hang in mind it a non-public failure. More so within the event you’re a lady. They assuredly don’t forget to rub it in every likelihood they rep. Furthermore, folks that develop up with out one or every folks aren’t thought of as match candidates for matrimony. By his lead pair and their households, director Ahn Pan-seok addresses these social taboos with a form of thought and care.

He also lets you in on loads of crucial cultural mores of South Korea. As an illustration, food. We Asians earn our meals very severely. The thunder’s characters are eating the entire time — be it with family, company, colleagues, on dates, or for the length of personnel dinners. It’s also charge noting that the series is rather reserved in its thunder of pores and skin. Something within the Rain is stuffed with youthful ladies folks however they practically never attach on short skirts, tank tops or low-decrease apparel. Even when Jin-ah and Joon-hee hang intercourse for the first time, they’re totally lined in a quilt. All you query is Jin-ah’s foot.

Something in the Rain perils of a young woman in Asian society and a love like sudden showers

Despite being picked up by Netflix and garnering huge repute worldwide, the thunder has no longer been dubbed in English. Mighty admire Bong Joon-ho’s seminal 2019 film Parasite, which made the area earn watch of South Korea, the thunder is in Korean; all you hang are subtitles. And you’re chuffed for it. Characters talking their native language back viewers join with them at a non-public, primal degree.

What I also admire in regards to the series is its use of rain as a motif. When it used to be telecast in South Korea, it had the title Bap Jal Sajuneun Yeppeun Nuna, which interprets in English to “Rather Sister Who Buys Me Meals.” It used to be named Something within the Rain for Netflix. They couldn’t hang stumbled on a title extra correct. Rain performs so well-known a characteristic in Jin-ah and Joon-hee’s admire legend that it is practically admire a routine character. Whether or no longer it is them going out on their first date, getting physically intimate for the first time, breaking up, or reuniting, there’s continually rain — in a single compose or the different.

Something in the Rain perils of a young woman in Asian society and a love like sudden showers

On the outside, Something within the Rain could well maybe maybe accelerate off as a lady-meets-boy romance. Nonetheless explore closely, and you’ll gain that it’s a fastidiously constructed bildungsroman— the legend of how Jin-ah finds admire, and thru it, herself.

Jin-ah’s sprint to self-actualisation rings a bell in my memory a form of Noah Baumbach’s vivid 2012 coming-of-age film Frances Ha. Each Frances and Jin-ah appear to expose that it would no longer topic what of us explain or ask, we (notably ladies folks) must tranquil never hang in mind ourselves too faded to dare to are living the lives we need. It’s foolish to position an expiry date to discovering admire, a priceless occupation, and ourselves. And we shouldn’t.

Love can reach knocking anytime, wherever — at a Christmas social gathering as you dance the night away or in front of your house of job building as you prepare for one more long day. Factual don’t hesitate to originate the door when it does.

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