Spain senators scared of Rat

Spain senators scared of Rat
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Spain senators scared of Rat

Spain senators scared of Rat

Rat in parliament: An interesting sight was seen in the parliament of this country, when a mouse entered the parliament and all the MPs were frightened by it. Due to this the proceedings of the Parliament were interrupted for some time.

New Delhi. People see the rat in many forms, for some it is a clown clown creature and for some it is scary or terrible. Recently, an interesting sight was seen in the Parliament of Spain, when a mouse came into the Parliament session while walking and the MPs were horrified to see it.

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what is the whole matter

Let us tell you that on Thursday (July 22), members of the Andalusian parliament in Seville, Spain, were to vote on whether to appoint former local president Susana Diaz as a senator. But in the meantime, regional speaker Marta Baskett suddenly screamed while speaking and covered her mouth in shock.

Later it was found that he had seen a fat mouse, after which there was a stir in the Parliament and many MPs were seen running away from their places. In the meantime, an MP drove the mouse towards the ground without harming him, then all the MPs clapping thanked that MP.

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resumed proceedings

For some time there was chaos in the Parliament, some MPs started searching for the rat and some started running away in fear of it. The mouse was then caught by a private company contracted by the Andalusian Parliament. According to media reports, the rat was very fat, on seeing which the regional speaker screamed.

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However, after catching the rat, everyone returned to their seats and voted to designate Susanna Diaz as the Socialist Senator for the area.

Social media users gave reactions

Significantly, the incident was recorded on camera and is becoming very viral on social media. Users are taking a jibe at this, giving different types of reactions.

A user named Sudhanshu S Singh quipped and tweeted, ‘When a rat entered the Parliament of Spain, there was a stampede as if it was not a mouse but a lizard.’

Johann Vargas wrote that, ‘The rat just wanted to be an important member of that assembly, very good mouse.’

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