Sridevi Uncle Venugopal made many serious On Boney Kapoor

Sridevi Uncle Venugopal made many serious On Boney Kapoor
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Sridevi Uncle Venugopal made many serious On Boney Kapoor

Sridevi Uncle Venugopal made many serious On Boney Kapoor

New Delhi. No one can forget that black night of 24 February 2018. Who snatched her Chandni i.e. veteran actress Sridevi from India. Sridevi died on this day. This news had taken everyone by surprise. No one had any idea that Sridevi would suddenly say goodbye to the world. The surprising thing about the death of the actress was that her husband and famous film director Boney Kapoor was accused of Sridevi’s death. This allegation was made by none other than the close of the actress. Let us tell you who is the person who claimed that Boney Kapoor had killed Sridevi.


sudden death of sridevi

Sridevi had gone to Dubai to attend a family wedding with her husband Boney Kapoor. Where actor Anil Kapoor and his family were also involved. Many pictures and videos of the wedding also went viral on social media. In which Sridevi was looking very happy, but on the morning of 24 February 2018, news came that Sridevi had passed away. Boney Kapoor was also interrogated by Dubai Police. Shortly after which he was released and the body of Sridevi was sent to India for his children and family.

Boney Kapoor was made serious allegations by Sridevi’s uncle

After the sudden death of Sridevi, Sridevi’s uncle Venugopal came forward and gave a big statement. People were surprised to hear this. In an interview, Sridevi’s uncle had made serious allegations against Boney Kapoor and told that ‘she was suffering for a long time. She was going through a lot of pain. As soon as this interview came to the fore, fingers started pointing at Boney Kapoor.

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Boney Kapoor sold Sridevi’s property

Not only this, Venugopal Reddy had also told in the interview that ‘Some of Boney Kapoor’s films flopped badly. He had lost a lot when the films flopped. To compensate for the loss, Boney Kapoor even sold the property of Sridevi. This thing was troubling Sridevi a lot. At the same time, Boney Kapoor’s condition was not being seen from Sridevi. That’s why Sridevi started working again.

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Ram Gopal Varma had made a big disclosure by writing a letter

People were surprised even before the statement of Sridevi’s uncle. Meanwhile, Bollywood’s famous filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma wrote a letter. In which he also made many serious allegations against Boney Kapoor. Ram Gopal Varma wrote in his letter that Boney Kapoor’s mother had always portrayed Sridevi as a house breaker. Not only this, Boney Kapoor’s mother also punched Sridevi’s stomach hard in the lobby of Five Star. Not only this, Ram Gopal told that since the death of Sridevi’s father, everyone betrayed him. At the same time, Boney Kapoor was drowning in debt. In such a situation, he could only give a shoulder to Sridevi for support.

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