Start in 25,000 and earn more than 1 lakh

Start in 25,000 and earn more than 1 lakh
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Start in 25,000 and earn more than 1 lakh

Start in 25,000 and earn more than 1 lakh

Business Ideas with Low Investment: Every person wants to get the maximum earning business idea with the least cost, so let us tell you how you can start a business in a small amount and earn lakhs of rupees from it.

New Delhi. In today’s time getting any job is not an easy thing. This period of Corona badly affected every sector. Because of this it is becoming difficult to find even the smallest jobs in the private sector. The number of unemployed youth has increased significantly due to the corona epidemic. People are forced to work on nominal salary. So it is better to start a business of your own than doing a job in less money, in which there are more opportunities for progress. Let us tell you that any business (Business Ideas with Low Investment) can be started even in less money and profit of lakhs can be earned from it. Provided that your business idea should have power. So let’s tell. In detail about a business idea that can be started abroad.

Poha Manufacturing Unit

Poha is a popular breakfast dish in North India. Poha is very much liked by the people because of its wonderful taste. Due to the increasing demand, its sales are increasing day by day. Therefore, lakhs of rupees can be earned from its manufacturing.

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How much money will have to be invested?

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has said in a project report related to the Poha manufacturing business that the cost of setting up a Poha manufacturing unit is about Rs 2.5 lakh. But you will get loan up to 90% from the government. To start a Poha Manufacturing Unit, you will have to arrange only ₹ 25000.

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What things will be needed?

For this, first you will need 500 square feet of space, apart from this small items like Poha Machine, Bhatti, Packing Machine, Drum etc. will be needed. KVIC, which has presented its report, has told that at the beginning of business, bring little raw material, gradually increase its quantity. So that with experience the business will also grow.

Will earn in lakhs

You can earn up to lakhs of rupees in Poha Manufacturing Business. As far as loan for manufacturing unit is concerned, for that you will have to prepare a report. Then you will be able to apply for Village Industries Employment Scheme. Along with this, the government’s currency scheme can also prove to be very useful for you. Under the Mudra scheme, the government arranges loans to start and grow business.

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