Study Abroad Tips: Study Abroad: Keep these things in mind when packing your study bag abroad

Study Abroad Tips: Study Abroad: Keep these things in mind when packing your study bag abroad
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Study Abroad Tips: Study Abroad: Keep these things in mind when packing your study bag abroad

Study Abroad Tips: Study Abroad: Keep these things in mind when packing your study bag abroad


  • Remember these tips before studying abroad
  • Keep these things in mind when packing bags

Study Abroad Preparation Tips: Today thousands of students from India go to other countries for education. But studying in another country is not so easy, especially traveling and getting to another country and settling there without any problems. When packing bags to go abroad, students often forget things that are very important to them. This causes them to face problems.

Travel and college documents
If you are packing your bags before you go abroad, first of all remember to keep all your documents, including your books, study materials, offer letter, degree certificate, vaccine certificate, passport, visa, travel insurance. Forget about taking plane tickets, ISIC cards etc.

Money and cards
After placing the documents, the number comes for money and card, including international debit / credit card, forex card / travellex card, local currency of the place you are going to, as well as some coins to make phone calls at the airport and rent a trolley, etc.
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Take care of the clothes
If you are traveling from India to another country, the weather there may be different, so when packing your bags, remember to pack your clothes according to the weather there. For example, if you are going to countries like Canada, Germany, USA, UK or Ireland, you will get cold there, so dress accordingly. Also, keep a small amount of clothing that you wear regularly in your bag. Like a pair of jeans, pajamas, joggers and a sweatshirt and suit.

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Clothing is followed by a number of accessories. Take care of them as needed. These can include cotton socks, flip flops, walking and running shoes, underwear with other personal belongings.

Nowadays, gadgets have become very important for everyone, people are fully connected to them and take them with them wherever they go. You should also pay full attention to packing all your gadgets at the time of packing. Pack your MP3 player / iPod, laptop, electrical converters and adapters, cameras, memory cards, chargers and adapters, headphones, phones and chargers and don’t forget to bring a portable backup charger.
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Don’t forget to take these items with you
Needed for corona – mask, chemical free sanitizer, face shield, first aid, sanitizer, thermometer and other medicines. Pillows, blankets, eye caps and ear plugs, sunglasses, pens for filling custom forms, hydro towels for general use while traveling.

To reach abroadRemember these things later

  1. After arriving abroad, first of all arrange your accommodation, whether you live in a hostel or rent a room there. It is better if you already know all these points.
  2. Then try to open a bank account. Do this first, because doing so will help you to avoid the hassle of carrying currency with you.
  3. In addition to studying in college, start working part-time, which gives you pocket money as well as the opportunity to mix with people.
  4. It is better to reserve oneself abroad and make friends with the people there. This method makes socializing by bridging the gap of loved ones in another city.
  5. Maintain your confidence, this is what works when you are away from home. It will accompany you at every turn.
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