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Subnautica: Below Zero — How to get Kyanite

Subnautica: Below Zero — How to get Kyanite
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Subnautica: Below Zero — How to get Kyanite

Kyanite is one among many uncooked provides gamers will deserve to deal with in Subnautica: Beneath Zero.

Each helpful useful resource throughout the motion-adventure recreation is critical. Crafting instruments and gear, upgrading these equivalent instruments, and sprucing off a spectacular unhealthy is a immense part of Subnautica: Beneath Zero.


Kyanite is invaluable within the case of upgrading for essentially the most half. Whereas it’s no longer a wanted ingredient of a laundry guidelines of blueprints, the blueprints that attain require it are simply a few of the largest throughout the sport.

Simple strategies to get hold of Kyanite in Subnautica: Beneath Zero

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Picture by Unknown Worlds Leisure

Kyanite is recognizable by its blue color and angular form. This gemstone is simple to state of affairs when swimming throughout the depths of Subnautica: Beneath Zero. Proper this is significantly actual on account of its look in easiest a pair areas.

Kyanite can be exclaim in Crystal Caves and Fabricator Caverns Biomes. In Crystal Caves, sub-Biomes equal to Most important Crystal Caves and Crystal Fort are the construct it’s also positioned.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Picture by Unknown Worlds Leisure

Acceptable helpful useful resource deposits exclaim in these Biomes are a participant’s easiest guess within the case of gathering a noteworthy amount of Kyanite. It’s going to most likely effectively furthermore be came across protruding of the seabed in its dwelling Biomes.

YouTube HylianMom has construct collectively a big video information, displaying Subnautica: Beneath Zero gamers exactly strategies to get hold of Kyanite. The frenzy can be relatively treacherous, however this information actually makes it much less so.

Gamers should at all times devour their Seatruck from the Delta Island dock and head east. The video leads gamers by Crimson Vents into the Deep Crimson Vents and at closing to the doorway of Crystal Caves.

Gamers should at all times contemplate of the handful of Leviathans that patrol the sphere if a deeper rush is required to procure further Kyanite. In another case, 5 should at all times attain the trick for the Fabricator and Modification Put blueprints.

Subnautica: Beneath Zero gamers can use the Kyanite purchased to craft the Prawn Go well with Thermal Reactor and preserve the upgrades Seatruck Depth Beef up MK3 and Prawn Go well with Depth Module MK2.


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