Subnautica: Below Zero — Where to find spiral plant clippings

Spiral plant clippings are vital for rising and upgrading sure objects in Subnautica: Below Zero.

Crafting is one in all the most important objects of your complete recreation. Players can craft objects, autos, devices, and extra. Spiral plant clippings come into play inside the devices class for presumably essentially the most portion.


They’re vital for Subnautica: Below Zero players to manufacture among the foremost fits to discover the treacherous depths of Planet 4546B. It normally is a bit powerful discovering them, however this recordsdata ought to aloof create it a transfer.

Where to get hold of spiral plant clippings in Subnautica: Below Zero

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Picture via Unknown Worlds Leisure

Spiral plant clippings are obtained by clipping spiral crops, pointless to enlighten. This Subnautica: Below Zero flora is hint in honest a couple of areas inside this motion-adventure survival recreation.

The precept house to see at is Deep Purple vents. After that, players can gaze sprial crops in Ventgardens. Ventgardens are a leviathan class fauna species with two hint inside the Tree Spires Biome.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Picture via Unknown Worlds Leisure

Players will want a knife to manufacture the spiral plant clippings after finding them. The survival knife is a frequent instrument in Subnautica: Below Zero, crafted inside the Fabricator from one Silicone Rubber and one Titanium.

After knifing the spiral plant, spiral plant clippings might additionally furthermore be gathered. Every plant incorporates one or two clippings for players to homicide. This makes them a bit rarer than different sources.

As soon as a clipping is had, it might properly additionally furthermore be planted in an Exterior Growbed. This permits Subnautica: Below Zero players to develop their like spiral crops, making it worthy extra simple to manufacture clippings for the prolonged dart.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Picture via Unknown Worlds Leisure

One spiral plant clipping, alongside with a ruby, is important to craft Artificial Fibers. 4 Artificial Fibers are important to craft each merchandise and improve that requires one inside the sport.

This makes spiral plant clippings a necessity for players trying to find to craft the Bolstered Dive Swimsuit, Stillsuit, the Prawn Swimsuit Depth Module MK1, and the Seatruck Depth Fortify MK2.


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