Sugar-rich diet can damage gut mucosa and worsen risk of developing colitis, a chronic digestive disease

Sugar-rich diet can damage gut mucosa and worsen risk of developing colitis, a chronic digestive disease
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Sugar-rich diet can damage gut mucosa and worsen risk of developing colitis, a chronic digestive disease

Sugar-rich eating regimen can injury intestine mucosa and worsen danger of growing colitis, a persistent digestive illness


Our physique doesn’t want any extra sugar; it makes the required quantity by breaking down carbohydrates and the remainder is provided by the liver. Regardless of this, many individuals, particularly these with a candy tooth, find yourself indulging in sugary meals objects virtually every day.

This extra consumption of sugar results in numerous ailments together with diabetes and fatty liver. Excessive sugar ranges within the physique may lead to weight problems, irritation and hypertension, that are thought-about to be danger elements for stroke and coronary heart ailments.

A latest examine, revealed within the journal Science Translational Medication on 28 October, 2020, discovered that prime sugary diets can injury the intestine and enhance the danger of growing colitis.

Colitis, a persistent digestive illness

Colitis is a sort of inflammatory bowel illness the place the internal lining of the colon (giant gut) will get infected. On this persistent digestive illness, the individual suffers from persistent diarrhoea, ache within the stomach and rectal bleeding. Colitis can happen as a result of an infection, lack of blood provide within the colon or if the colon wall will get coated with extra collagen.

The examine

On this examine, the scientists from the UT Southwestern medical centre studied the function of glucose and fructose within the growth of colitis in two varieties of mice; wild sort mice and IL-10-deficient mice (IL-10−/−).

IL-10-deficient mice (Interleukin-10-deficient mice) are used for testing colitis and different inflammatory processes.

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The scientists fed these mice an answer of water combined with 10 % of various dietary sugars similar to glucose, fructose and sucrose for seven days.

Then the scientists used gene-sequencing methods to determine the prevalence and varieties of micro organism within the giant intestines of mice earlier than and after they got the sugar resolution.

Outcomes of the examine

After seven days of sugar remedy, the scientists discovered important adjustments within the microbiota current contained in the intestine. Mice who have been fed with glucose options confirmed most adjustments within the microbes current within the intestine.

It was discovered that the wild-type mice who have been fed 10 % of glucose (dextran sulfate sodium) in consuming water or glucose-rich eating regimen introduced with extreme colitis. Equally, extra detrimental colitis was seen in IL-10-deficient mice who got the high-glucose eating regimen in comparison with the IL-10-deficient mice who weren’t given glucose options.

The scientists additional discovered that when the mice got excessive glucose or fructose for a brief time period, no inflammatory response was noticed however the intestine microbiota modified considerably.

It was seen that there was a rise within the variety of Akkermansia muciniphila and Bacteroides fragilis, that are thought-about to be mucus-degrading micro organism. Moreover, there was outstanding erosion of the mucous lining within the intestine of each glucose-fed wild-type and IL-10-deficient mice due to elevated bacteria-derived mucolytic enzymes (enzymes that break down the mucous lining).

Nevertheless, it was seen that colitis was not noticed within the mice who have been handled with antibiotics or got a germ-free setting.

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In an effort to examine the adjustments within the intestine microbiota, the non-sugar handled mice have been fed with the faeces of sugar-fed mice. Surprisingly, these non-sugar handled mice developed worse colitis.


With this examine, scientists concluded that each one three easy sugars can alter the composition of intestine microbiota and result in irritation contained in the gut, ultimately leading to colitis. They additional concluded that glucose-induced colitis can be transmitted from the intestinal microbiota of the affected animals.

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