Sugarcane growers in Uttar Pradesh

Sugarcane growers in Uttar Pradesh
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Sugarcane growers in Uttar Pradesh

Sugarcane growers in Uttar Pradesh


  • Assembly elections will be held in Uttar Pradesh next year
  • Increasing the FRP of sugarcane growers is considered to be an election bet
  • The highest cane production is in UP and the highest cane growers are farmers.
  • The government has made efforts to attract angry farmers in western UP

On Wednesday, the Union Cabinet decided to increase the FRP (fair and remunerative price) on sugarcane growers to Rs 290 per quintal. This will be based on a 10 percent recovery. At present, the FRP for sugarcane is Rs. This decision of the central government is being called big. However, many, including the opposition, are calling it an election season lollipop.

Uttar Pradesh has assembly elections next year. Earlier, the government was trying to raise the price by Rs 5 per quintal. It is claimed that thousands of farmers in UP will benefit from this, but opponents say the government has increased it by only five paise per kg, which is only to attract sugarcane growers.

The highest cane production in Uttar Pradesh
The government claims that the farmers of UP will get maximum benefit from the increased prices as most of the sugarcane is produced in UP. Uttar Pradesh accounts for 51 per cent of the country’s total sugarcane production. Sugar production in UP is 38 per cent. There are 520 sugar factories in the country, of which 119 are in Uttar Pradesh. There are about 48 lakh sugarcane growers in the country, 46% of whom are from Uttar Pradesh.

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Cabinet decision: Visit to sugarcane growers before festival, govt raises FRP to Rs 290 per quintal

That is why sugarcane growers are an election issue.
In Uttar Pradesh, maximum sugarcane is grown in Western UP and Terai belt. Sugarcane growers are a topic of discussion in UP politics. Sugarcane growers are being discussed before and after the elections. Each party makes election promises regarding cane payment and price hike. The issue of sugarcane growers also comes up every time before the election.

According to experts, many farmers are already angry with the BJP over the agriculture laws. Most of the sugarcane is grown in the west and farmers in western UP are protesting. The BJP has also made this increase to appease these angry farmers.

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