Surgery from Bihar’s iss asptal me robot

Surgery from Bihar’s iss asptal me robot
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Surgery from Bihar’s iss asptal me robot

Surgery from Bihar’s iss asptal me robot

He will soon be seen performing robotic surgery at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (Patna IGIMS) in Patna. The hospital will soon have a facility for robotic surgery. This information has been given by Dr. NR Biswas, Director, IGIMS. He said the hospital is developing a separate operation theater for robotic surgery. He made the remarks while addressing a seminar on ‘Role of Robotic Surgery in Weight Loss’ on Saturday.

Doctors and staff will be trained in robotic surgery
Dr. NR Biswas, Director, IGIMS and Dr. Manish Mandal, Head, Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, said that 6 operating theaters are being set up at the hospital. One of them is being designed according to the instructions of robotic surgery. It will be available for all departments such as neurosurgery, pediatrics and gastroenterology. He said the first training in robotic surgery at any government hospital in the state would be given to doctors and staff in a few months.

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What do doctors say about robotic surgery?
Dr. Sharik Nazir of NYU Langone Medical Center, USA, said that slim gastrectomy with the help of robotic surgery is very effective for weight loss in a short period of time. It helps people recover faster and control other problems like high blood pressure.

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Discussing the issue of obesity, Dr. Manish Mandal said that weight gain is a major health problem in Bihar. It affects 25 to 30 percent of people of all ages. He said the most worrying thing is that even school children are gaining weight fast without worrying about its adverse effects. Obesity causes high blood pressure, blood sugar, asthma, thyroid and many other ailments. Junk food and lack of physical exercise are the main causes of obesity, especially in urban people.


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