Surveen Chawla Shared Her Casting Couch Experience

Surveen Chawla Shared Her Casting Couch Experience
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Surveen Chawla Shared Her Casting Couch Experience

Surveen Chawla Shared Her Casting Couch Experience

New Delhi. Many things often come to the fore about Bollywood. Recently, actress Surveen Chawla has exposed the dark truth of the industry. Surveen has shared some such things about Casting Couch. Hearing this, everyone’s senses are blown away. The actress has narrated her ordeal. With this statement of Surveen, Bollywood has once again come under the scanner and the safety of women in Bollywood has become a matter of concern.

Surveen Chawla faced the casting couch

This is from the year 2019. When actress Surveen Chawla said in an interview that she had shared her experience about casting couch. Surveen had told that she had to face casting couch thrice. Once he was asked to accompany the filmmaker. At the same time, for one role, the director had said that he wanted to know every inch of his body parts. At that time Surveen had ignored these things.

Surveen told that he was a ‘big director of South’. Not only this, he was also honored with the National Award. Surveen says that she had a very long audition there. Which lasted for about a shift. He had to do many things in that audition. In which things like monologues and saying something suddenly were related. Surveen told that his health was bad that day. So she returned home after auditioning. After which the director asked him to come to Mumbai. Hearing this, she got scared and she refused to come.

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The filmmaker tried to get closer

Surveen told that the director could not speak Hindi or English. He only spoke in Tamil. When his phone rang, he got someone else to talk. The man told Surveen on the phone that sir wants to know you closely, because they want to spend a long time together to make one. Surveen told that he asked what?

So the person said that the bus will run till the film, till then you will have to do it. Surveen says that she remembers that she said ‘You are knocking on the wrong door’. If sir thinks that he is not talented then he is not ready to work in his film. But she cannot change herself for anyone. That film was not even made after Surveen said like this.

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Filmmaker did a dirty act with Surveen

Sharing an anecdote about the casting couch, Surveen said that ‘he had to get out of an office because someone forced him to do so. Surveen says that a filmmaker wanted to see her cleavage and her thighs. Surveen told that such things really happen in the industry.

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