T20 cricket story

T20 cricket story
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T20 cricket story

T20 cricket story


The T20 World Cup is starting in the coming days.

Manish Kumar Joshi

The T20 World Cup is starting in the coming days. This format of cricket became popular in a short time. The story of the beginning of T20 cricket and its World Cup is very interesting. It is the beginning of this century. It was then felt that the interest in ODI cricket was waning. Many big competitions of one day cricket started shutting down. The biggest triangular competition, Besson & Hedges, closed in 2002. Later the Champions Trophy was also discontinued. Now the big challenge was to bring the spectators to the stadium. ECB started efforts for this.

The ECB started research in this regard. He gave this responsibility to manager Robertson. Robertson, after talking to cricket lovers and seeing the trend of the people, concluded that the spectators have started considering cricket as a time consuming game. The idea of ​​restricting cricket to 20-20 overs came in his mind. They felt that by doing this the game of cricket like football and hockey would end in 3 hours and would be exciting too.

ECB marketing manager Stuart Robertson put the proposal before the management committee. Most of the members of the Management Committee were furious on hearing this proposal. He strongly opposed it. Stuart told that the ECB has spent a huge amount on this research. Finally the resolution was passed at 11:07 in the voting. If two more members were against it, then today T20 cricket would not have been able to watch. In an interview in Robertson, he told that there was a lot of difficulty in naming this format of cricket. Earlier it was named Cricket Light. Then the name 20-20 cricket was suggested which was accepted. Later it became T20. T20 cricket was liked by the audience from the very beginning. The first T20 Cup was played in county cricket. The stadiums started filling up.

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In view of the increasing trend of the audience towards the format, the ICC started organizing T20 cricket. The first international T20 cricket match was played between England and New Zealand women on 5 August 2004. The first T20 match in men’s cricket was played in Auckland on 17 February 2005. In the beginning very few matches of T20 cricket were played. There used to be only one or two matches. The ICC announced that the T20 World Cup would be played in 2007. That’s where the T20 format was completely established.

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