Taliban fighters march on Panjshir: Taliban attack on Panjshir Ahmed Masood

Taliban fighters march on Panjshir: Taliban attack on Panjshir Ahmed Masood
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Taliban fighters march on Panjshir: Taliban attack on Panjshir Ahmed Masood

Taliban fighters march on Panjshir: Taliban attack on Panjshir Ahmed Masood


  • The Taliban sent combat troops, preparing to capture Panjshir
  • Ahmed Shah Masood’s son Ahmed Masood’s fort is Gad.
  • More than 9,000 anti-Taliban fighters gathered in Panjshir

After capturing Kabul, Taliban fighters are now marching towards Panjshir Valley, a rebel stronghold. This is the part of Afghanistan that is not yet under the control of the Taliban. On the other hand, Ahmed Masood, the leader of the rebels in the area, has also declared that his army is ready for war. He also warned the Taliban of bloodshed. Panjshir is known as an anti-Taliban stronghold.

Panjshir became a major nuisance for the Taliban
Insurgent fighters have been gathering in the Panjshir Valley since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. It is said that most of them are soldiers of the Afghan National Army. The group is led by Ahmed Masood, son of former Mujahideen commander Ahmed Shah Masood, who was the head of the Northern Front. He is accompanied by a delegation of former Vice President Amarullah Saleh and the former governor of Balkh province.

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Hundreds of Taliban fighters are marching towards Panjshir
The Taliban wrote on their Arabic Twitter account that hundreds of Mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate were heading to the state of Punjab to control it, but local state officials quietly refused to hand it over. It is believed that the Taliban’s announcement could lead to massive bloodshed in the Panjshir province. If the Taliban captures Panjshir, it could demoralize the rebel groups.

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9000 troops ready to fight in Panjshir
Ali Masam Nazari, a spokesman for the anti-Taliban forces, said thousands of people had fled to Panjshir since the Taliban took control of the capital, Kabul. Ahmed Masood has gathered about 9000 rebel soldiers in Panjshir. Dozens of recruits have been spotted doing training exercises and fitness exercises in the area, AFP reported. These soldiers also have vehicles like Humvee.

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The Taliban insurgents said – we are ready to fight
A rebel army spokesman said his group wanted to push for a new regime, but was ready to fight if needed. He warned that if the Taliban continued on this path, it would not last long. We are ready to defend Afghanistan and we warn of bloodshed.

navbharat timesThis is the stronghold of Afghanistan where the Taliban have never been able to capture, not even the Soviet troops.
Ahmad Shah Masood was the hero of the Afghans
Ahmed Shah Massoud rose to prominence in the 1990s while fighting the Taliban. India has also helped them. It is said that once Ahmed Shah Massoud was seriously injured in a Taliban attack, India airlifted him to Farkhor airbase in Tajikistan for treatment. It is India’s first foreign military base. It was set up by India to help the North Front in particular.


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