Taliban News: The future of Afghanistan in the Taliban government, you want to know

Taliban News: The future of Afghanistan in the Taliban government, you want to know
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Taliban News: The future of Afghanistan in the Taliban government, you want to know

Taliban News: The future of Afghanistan in the Taliban government, you want to know

Now that the Taliban have taken full control of Afghanistan, preparations are underway to form a government. The Taliban, which will form a government in the name of the Islamic Emirate, will enforce Sharia law. Afghans and the world, who witnessed the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001, fear the new government. For the same reason, pictures coming to Kabul airport for the last three days have been frightening people. In an interview with Navbharat Times Online, foreign affairs expert Kamar Aga said that the Taliban would not be able to take control of the country and it would not take long for chaos to spread here.

‘Taliban have no popular support’
Kamar Aga says the Taliban have taken over the entire country but have no public support. On the contrary, the general public fears what will happen to them, not to the Taliban. Millions are fleeing the country and leaving the country. In such a scenario, it is unlikely that this government will last long.

navbharat timesThe ISI chief had said, “We will defeat the US in Afghanistan with its help.”
‘Civil war will not stop’
He has made it clear that the Taliban will not be able to bring peace to the country and that Afghanistan will not develop. In the time to come, there will be chaos in the country, there will be fights and Pakistan will support it. He says organizations will be set up in the country itself. The Afghan army has trained itself and will stand. Aga has said, ‘This time they will get up early. They have weapons and so will a fierce battle. Once the civil war started it would not stop, it would go as far as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan.

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How will the Taliban develop Afghans?
He says a lot has changed and a lot has developed in Afghanistan in 20 years. The youth here are coming forward who are well educated while the Taliban are the same. So the people of Afghanistan will now come forward and the Taliban will have to face huge opposition.

navbharat timesWill China and Pakistan, which have joined the Taliban, recognize a ‘terrorist government’?
‘Taliban will split’
Not only that, but he has also expressed the possibility of a fight over the leadership of the Taliban. He said the Taliban council was headquartered in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. All the leaders of the organization live and meet there. The Taliban is a very large group and currently their war will be on land division because Afghanistan is a land rich in minerals. Therefore, the Taliban are less likely to form a stable government in Afghanistan as they will begin to split among themselves.

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‘Pakistan has always been afraid’
According to Aga, the people of Afghanistan hate Pakistan because they feared from the beginning that one day they would enter Afghanistan under the name of Islam. “Pakistan’s name is a short form in which ‘P’ means Punjab, ‘K’ means Kashmir and ‘A’ means Afghanistan,” he said. The same thing happened to the people of the country that they feared from the beginning.

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‘Pak will burn itself’
Aga says more than half of the Pashtuns are in Pakistan across the Durand Line, which Kabul does not accept. He was always threatened by Pakistan. He is now angry with the US and Pakistan and the Taliban has been imposed on him. They suspect that Pakistan may have devised this whole development strategy for the Taliban and that its fighters may be guiding the Pakistani army. However, the fire spread by the Taliban will also burn parts of Pakistan itself.

navbharat times
What should India and Russia do?
The Taliban’s advance on Pakistan’s aggression will only aggravate the problems of many countries, including India. Aga said Russia has a large Muslim population. There has also been an outbreak of extremist groups here in the past, which Russia also fears and is in talks with India and Iran. Aga says
India should form an internal group and formulate a strategy in alliance with Afghanistan’s neighbors.

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