Tarjeton imss: All about the IMSS Digital Card Tarjeton Digital – IIS Windows Server – IMSS | Tarjetón Digital IMSS • Activos y Jubilados (Julio 2021)

Tarjeton imss: All about the IMSS Digital Card Tarjeton Digital – IIS Windows Server – IMSS | Tarjetón Digital IMSS • Activos y Jubilados (Julio 2021)

Tarjeton imss: The Digital IMSS card

Tarjeton imss: The IMSS digital card (Tarjeton imss)is an electronic instrument that has been made available to citizens by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) Tarjeton imss and that allows access to information, both for active workers and retirees, digitally and without moving to a physical office.

tarjeton imss
tarjeton imss

Taking advantage of technological advances and new communication channels, the IMSS continues to advance in its incorporation into new technologies and facilitates access to information for active workers and retirees, access to their information and job profile at the IMSS, etc …

⚠IMPORTANT: with the IMSS digital card, the Mexican citizen will be able to have access to the payment stubs and monthly perceptions offered by the IMSS as well as access to the payment receipts of any month.

It is therefore essential and evident that processing or requesting the IMSS Digital card entails significant advantages and technologically improves access to citizen information.

What is the IMSS Digital Card?

Since the Mexican Institute of Social Security has launched the IMSS digital card, both active and retired workers can consult the payment card electronically. It is enough to have an internet connection and a device to access the website of the digital card. In addition, it is also accessible through the IMSS Digital card app.

Therefore, access to this type of data that previously had to be done physically through the office has been simplified. Now you can simply access it digitally and it is as simple as registering for the digital card (if you have not already done so) or entering your username and password (if you already have the IMSS card).

⚠IMPORTANT: Having the IMSS digital card it is not necessary to have the card or payment stub printed on paper. You can already access these data whenever you want through telematic access and it is recommended, for security reasons, not to print the card unless it is strictly necessary.

Access to the IMSS Digital Card

If you already have the Digital Card

If you have already registered through the official website of the IMSS Digital Card and you are an activated user, you can enter the portal or app simply with the username and password that has been created in the request and registration of the card. If you want to do it through the official website, you should check this address:

  • Online access to the IMSS Digital Card for active workers: http://rh.imss.gob.mx/tarjetondigital/
  • Online access to the IMSS Digital Card for retirees: http://rh.imss.gob.mx/tarjetonjubilados/
Access to IMSS Card for assets
Access to IMSS Card for assets
IMSS Digital card
Access to IMSS Card for retirees

If you still do not have the Digital Card

If you still do not have the  IMSS card, it  is necessary to enter any of the addresses mentioned above (depending on whether you are an active worker or retired) and, instead of entering your username and password (since you do not have it) you should go below and click on the «HERE» behind the informational message «New user registration …»

As we saw inactive workers, retirees and pensioners also need to register to access the card from any device connected to the internet. To do this, you need to enter the IMSS system for retirees and provide the information they will request, including the start date of the pension and an alternate email.

Remember that when entering the system and creating your username for the first time, you will have a period of twelve hours to confirm your registration; check your email, in which you will receive a link so that you can review all the information you entered and confirm that everything is correct.

Doubts about the IMSS Digital Card



  • Toll-free 800 623 2323  from  8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays the service hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Requirements to get the IMSS card

To obtain the IMSS card, it is strictly necessary and mandatory to be the beneficiary or w34 the adjudicator of a beneficiary who is registered and can benefit from the benefits of belonging to the IMSS. Citizens who can access the benefits of the digital card must meet these prerequisites:

  • Be a direct contractor of an IMSS beneficiary
  • Active worker registered with the IMSS
  • The retiree who has contributed the minimum number of weeks to the IMSS
  • Students from universities or other centers that register students in the IMSS
⚠REMEMBER: On our website we leave you relevant information about the services offered by the IMSS Digital Card, both for active workers and retirees. If you want more information about it, you can visit the IMSS retired card page or the imss actives digital card page for more information.

How to download the IMSS Payment Card?

One of the main technological advances that the IMSS has brought us in recent years has been the possibility of carrying out many procedures on the official IMSS website. Among many other procedures, on the IMSS website, you can download the Payment Card quickly, easily, and, above all, safely.

All operations carried out on the official IMSS website are confidential and processed safely for the user. Downloading your digital payment card will be an easy procedure to do and the IMSS will guarantee the confidentiality of all your personal data.

Also, remember that both the IMSS payment card for assets and the IMSS payment card for retirees or pensioners can be downloaded or sent by email. In any case, we recommend that you always choose the “file” option to generate the digital payment card and be able to download it to your computer.

We have prepared a simple guide to help you in the process of downloading your payment card. Follow this link and discover how easy it is !!!

IMSS 2021 Payment Calendar

You already know that with your personal data you can access the IMSS payment card. You can obtain the payment card via email or by going to a physical headquarters of the social security of Mexico (IMSS). Your greeting cards IMSS you can get all the information about your pay stubs, your situation before the IMSS (both retirees of the IMSS as assets of the IMSS ), print the flyer of the IMSSdownload the app from the IMSS, payment information of the IMSS … and many other operations.

Precisely, regarding the payment of the IMSS, we have included the IMSS payment calendar for 2021 so that you are aware of all the IMSS dates to process the payment of pensions. We have left all the holidays, vacation roles, IMSS payment days from Banamex and other banks, etc… in the most visual way possible so that you can be up to date on the IMSS payment dates. In addition, any possible modifications will be added so that you have the data fully updated.

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