Team Knowhow Insurance – Contact for Claim and Renewal

Team Knowhow Insurance – Contact for Claim and Renewal

How To Claim Team Knowhow Insurance – Enjoy Unlimited Repair Benefits

Knowhow is a comprehensive support service for all your technical and network operating devices. It also helps you to provide complete protection for your kitchen appliances and smart home devices. If you face any inconvenience or trouble with your product, then you can straight away contact Knowhow. The most reliable method is to apply for the Team Knowhow Insurance Policy, which includes your products’ overall support and flexible services. There are various benefits that you can enjoy under this plan without any extra effort. There are multiple products and devices for which you should know How to Claim Team Knowhow Insurance. As soon as you claim the Insurance for these products, you can enjoy top advantages and services. 

When you apply for the Knowhow Insurance plan, you must first register your account using your name and address. Then apply for the plan and enjoy its best services. There are various terms and services that you enjoy under the insurance plan. You can get unlimited repairing services under your project and also priority services for your issues. 

Products Which You Can Protect Using Team Knowhow Insurance are as follows: 

  • Computing Devices 
    1. Laptops
    2. Computers
    3. Desktops
    4. Tablets
    5. Monitors
    6. Printers
    7. Scanners
  • House Hold Appliances
    1. Dishwashers
    2. Washing Machines
    3. Freezers
    4. Coolers
    5. Microwaves 
    6. Ovens
    7. Refrigerators
    8. Dyers
    9. Dryers
    10. Air Conditioners
    11. Heaters
    12. Vacuum Cleaners
    13. Other small appliances
  • Smart Home Devices
    1. Cameras 
    2. Camcorders
    3. Other Network operating devices
  • Audios and Phones
    1. Home Telephones
    2. Wi-Fi Systems
    3. Routers
    4. Modems 
    5. Speakers
    6. Navigating Systems
    7. Portable Audio systems
  • Entertainment Devices
    1. Gaming Consoles
    2. Satellite Equipment
    3. TV and Cinema System
    4. DVD
    5. Blu Ray Systems

Benefits under Team Knowhow Insurance Cover

Team Knowhow provides you with an overall cover plan for your device. You can repair any damage or fix your device under this plan. Knowhow Insurance will include worldwide cover for your device and provide benefits in case of any accidental damage to the product. The main advantages of Team Knowhow Insurance cover are as follows: 

1. Fast Fix Service: The Team Knowhow will work speedily to fix your device and provide proper preventive measures to handle your device. The expert will take a maximum of fourteen days to repair and fix your device. If there is any delay, then it will replace your device for free. 

2.  Unlimited Repairs: The customer can enjoy unlimited repairs of its device during the Currys PC World Team Knowhow Insurance period. The expert will ensure that you do not face any issue again in your device, which is repaired once. Still, if there is any issue again during the insurance term, the expert will resolve it and fix it at no cost. 

3.  Protection from damage due to Accident: If there is any damage to your device accidentally, the expert will repair it and fix it as per the guidelines of the Team Knowhow Insurance. If there is any intentional damage, then the Team Knowhow will not repair or replace your device. There are some exceptions for the replacement services under the damage due to accident issues. 

4.  Replace with New: If the agent cannot repair your device, it will provide you with a brand new device. You can use the new device independently. The 14 days replacement depends on:

a. The date when you apply for a repair service

b. The date when the engineer first visits and diagnoses your product

c. The date when the agent first collected your product for repair

5.  No Hidden Charges: Customers do not have to pay a single penny during the Insurance. The agent will not ask for any money if there are any faults and failures in your device. The company will pay itself for any additional part charges or labor charges. 

6.  Worldwide Protection: You can take your device anywhere around the world. If there is any wear or tear to the device abroad, the Team Knowhow will repair it without any questions. 

7.  Theft protection: The Currys PC World Team Knowhow Insurance will cover any theft damage or protect your products from theft attacks. They provide 12 months of theft insurance cover. 

8.  Virus Removal and Protection: The Knowhow will resolve any error due to any virus or malware attack on your device. It will also provide you with antivirus protection services for your product. 

9.  24X7 Free Call Service: The insurance members will enjoy the help and advice of experts day and night. You can call the experts anytime and from anywhere to demand service. 

10.  Multiple Failures Protection: If your product experiences any failure more than four times, you can request the replacement without additional charges. 

How To Claim Team Knowhow Insurance Plan

You can make a claim anytime when you feel trouble with your device. Make sure that you have device is under the Knowhow Insurance Plan before claiming for its service. When you make a claim, it will collect personal information from you and proceed with the repair and fixing of your device. There are three ways by which you can make a claim. These are as follows: 

  1. Make a Claim Online: 

To make a claim online, you have first to register your account. Visit the official Team Knowhow website and click on the register button. Enter your details. Then sign in to your account and click on the option “Make a Claim.” Fill the form, including your details and policy number or protection plan number. Specify the problem that you encounter in your device, and proceed with the instructions. Complete the claim process, and the agent will approach you to provide you with the best services for your device. 

2. Make a Claim In-Store: 

You can also visit a nearby store and claim the device which is not working correctly and is still under the protection plan. You can use the online store locator to locate the Knowhow store near your place. If there is any accidental damage to the product, you have to carry it with you and submit it to the Knowhow agent for repair and fix. Also, bring your Insurance documents and the protection plan number while claiming a service. 

3. Make a Claim on Call

Another way to claim Team Knowhow Insurance is by calling the expert directly over the phone number 0800 049 0221. The agent will attend your call and ask you for your information, name, address, and protection plan number. It will then submit the claim and proceed with the services. You can call Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You can also call on weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

How does Curry Knowhow Verify the Claims? 

If you make any claim corresponding to your Insurance, the Knowhow will verify the claim using an automated process. The automatic process will verify the validity of the claim and will take action accordingly. It will check the following: 

· Deciding the conditions that cover under the claim

· Value of the claim

· Applications of terms and conditions are mentioned in the claim.

If the verification is successful, then the company will proceed with the claiming process. The customer will provide the claim as per the details without any delays. If there is any failure in the repairing service, you can also claim the repair cost. It will verify the price you paid earlier for the service and provide the entire cost back if you claim for it upon successful verification. 

What is not Included Under Team Knowhow Insurance?

There are certain cases when the Knowhow Insurance policy fails, and you cannot enjoy the insurance benefits. These are as follows: 

  • Software or any permanent data loss of the product. 
  • Other loss except for any replacement or repair of the device. 
  • If the product or device is damaged due to any abusive, ill-mannered, or intentionally misused activity. 
  • There is no replacement or repair of the product which is damaged due to animal fluid or insect infection. 
  • Safety guidelines violation to any cosmetic product
  • Any damage due to natural disaster or fire. 
  • Theft of the device.
  • Replacement of batteries, bulbs, and lamps
  • Replacement of belts of the vacuum cleaner. 
  • Replacement of lights used in projectors. 
  • Repairing the appliance that is not approved. 

You can enjoy these repairing and replacement services under the Knowhow Insurance plan. For all the other products, the Insurance is fully applicable, and you may enjoy the repair and replacement services to the utmost. The experts will be there for your service 24X7. Following it, they will help you and guide you for the proper usage of the device. 

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